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Gun Digest Editor Loves the Iconic Browning Citori 725.

Release Date: 5/5/2014

Review of article found in Gun Digest Magazine. Article by Brad Fitspatrick,. Read full article here: http://www.gundigest.com/firearm-gun-reviews/gun-review-browning-725

Noted gunwriter Brad Fitzpatrick finds the Citori 725 “. . . an even better Citori.”

Whenever the subject of over and under shotguns comes up, the discussion always turns to inventor John M. Browning and his legendary Browning Superposed. One of the last projects undertaken by the master before his death in late 1926, the original B25 Superposed was the world’s first truly successful stack barrel and was built by Browning at the Fabrique Nationale factory in Herstal, Belgium.

". . . an even better Citori."

In the 1960s John M. Browning’s eldest son Val, then president of the Browning Arms Company, partnered with the Miroku Corporation in Kochi, Japan, to product an evolution of the B25, and thus the legendary Citori was born. Several further evolutions came to pass, beginning with the Citori 325 and moving on through the 425, 525 and 625 series. Well over a million Citoris have been produced, underscoring the lasting appeal of this classic Browning stack barrel.

In 2012, Browning launched the latest evolution of the Citori, the 725. Departing from previous models, the 725 offers a lower profile receiver, Fire Lite mechanical triggers, Invector-DS choke tubes and a unique “become one with the gun” shooting experience.

Fitzpatrick gave the 725 Field a serious workout, both on the trap field and during an Ohio pheasant outing, and he came away with a newfound respect for the refinements incorporated in the latest Citori from Browning.

“The 725 doesn’t represent a radical revolution in either form or function” noted Fitzpatrick. “The most striking difference…lies within the trigger assembly.” He found the Fire Lite trigger crisp and breaking under four pounds, “and as good or better than on anything short of high-end competition shotguns….experienced shotgunners will appreciate the new trigger.”

 “and as good or better than on anything short
of high-end competition shotguns."

Fitzpatrick also loved the 725’s lower profile receiver and the enhanced ergonomics of the latest Citori. “…it looks much sleeker. The pistol grip contour…is canted rearward. The result is a gun that feels livelier and more connected to the shooter.”

And how did the 725 perform for Fitzpatrick on the trap range and on upland birds? “(I)…found the gun responsive and easy to shoulder.,” he noted. “Over the course of the day I had a couple more chances at birds and the 725 worked its magic each time.”

Check out the Citori 725 at your local Browning dealer today. Once you bring a 725 to your shoulder, you’ll understand what we mean when we say you’ll “become one with the gun.”

See Fitzpatrick’s full review of the 725 at: http://www.gundigest.com/firearm-gun-reviews/gun-review-browning-725

Click here to go directly to the Citori 725 family page here on Browning.com.



Original article copyright Gun Digest magazine, April 2014. Review copyright Browning. Review written by Browning staff writer, Scott Engen. Read full article here: http://www.gundigest.com/firearm-gun-reviews/gun-review-browning-725



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