Gun Cases

Quality is More Important Than Ever

In the past, you needed a case for every gun you owned, but in today's era of gun safes, like those in the Browning ProSteel lineup, your needs in gun cases may have changed. Now it's important to have a few high-quality cases that offer improved levels of protection when transporting your firearms. Whether for a rifle, shotgun or pistol, Browning cases employ durable materials and designs that protect your guns. 

Flexible Gun Cases

Our line of flexible cases are available in a number of styles that feature heavy-duty fabrics, leather, high-grade padding materials and strong zippers. Most flexible cases include a rubber muzzle guard and/or heavily reinforced end cap for additional durabillity and protection. The outer shells, padding and linings are both sewn and glued for added strength. As you read the specs, you'll see that they vary in style and function – from traditional to highly technical. Make sure you have one that will do the job you need done. 

Fitted Cases

There is nothing quite like having a case that matches the quality of your shotgun. Fitted cases make pure sense for target shooters, whether it's competitive or recreational. Browning fitted cases come in a variety of exceptionally beautiful, high-quality designs with finishing touches like detail accents and brass fixtures. Protection for your firearm comes from dense foam padding or configurable soft fabric linings. In addition to style, you get the ease of carrying your gun, and with some models bringing along accessories, in a case that's been thoughtfully designed with your firearm and the needs of your sport in mind. 

Hard or Molded Gun Cases

Hard cases are specially designed and sturdily built to protect your fine firearms from rough abuse when traveling. All of our hard cases have multiple locking points and are airline approved so you can fly worry-free with your firearm. Choose from single, double or takedown models to accommodate any firearm in any configuration, including scoped rifles. 

Gun Socks

VCI Gun Sock are the ultimate way to store your guns without worry. The Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) in the sock forms a corrosion resistant barrier that forces out moisture from the inside out.