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Product Technical Terms

What is a "Tech Term" and how do I use them?

Product knowledge all in one place.

The Tech Terms section is where we keep and store specific knowledge about product features and benefits. If you want to know what Total Barrel Dynamics is, then type in "total barrel dynamics" or just click on the "T" section below. If you want to know everything there is to know about the A5 you can look for it here, or go to the product family page and selecting the feature link images that will take you right to that Tech Term. Each technical term is a more detailed explanation that you will likely get on the product or family page. Even after the feature is no longer on a Browning product we will leave it here just in case. Having a "library" like this is a way for the inquisitive outdoors person to get down into the fine print.

Some Tech Terms get very detailed with explanations that go beyond just product features. For example, "Point of Impact" gives detailed information on the entire subject, even on how to determine your shotgun's POI. In the process, you'll learn why we vary POI between different models to maximize the performance of your shotgun or rifle. Start right now exploring this section and we think you will enjoy it. 

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Tech Terms are like the Encyclopedia of Browning. It is a work in progress, containing product features, benefits and a growing "how-to" section. Use the SEARCH feature or the alphabetic listing below to navigate the topics.

Tech Terms are copyright Browning 2009-2021. Nearly all Tech Terms have been written by the Browning writing staff, many of whom are experts in specific areas of firearms, outdoor gear, technical clothing and the outdoor lifestyle in general. In other cases, we consult with experts within the company for specific details. In a few cases, content has been used with the permission of the person or company responsible for the feature listed. Camouflage patterns would be an example. If you think we have erred in any of our Tech Terms "Contact Us" and pass along your suggestion.