Recalls & Safety Information

Although extremely uncommon, from time to time special recalls of various firearms and non-gun type products may be listed on with a link to specific instructions.  If you have a question about any safety issue or past recalls regarding Browning products please call us at 1-801-876-2711.

Browning Recalls Leather Holster Due to Injury Hazard

Name of Product: 1911-22/1911-380 Leather Holster, Multi-Angle Thumb Break

The holster design has the potential to cause a change in the position of the pistol’s mechanical safety, creating a situation in which the user may be unaware that the pistol is in a fireable state when removed from the holster, posing an injury hazard.

QD (Quick Detach) Swivel Cup Recall on Certain BAR MK3 Rifles

Name of Product: BAR MK3 Black Composite and Camouflage

Since the rifles affected are so limited, please call us if your rifle fits these specific criteria: 1) BAR MK3 Rifles only. 2) Composite stock -- either black or camo only. No other BAR rifle past or present is affected.


Safety is vitally important when using firearms and other Browning products.