Extra Barrels

Extend the versatility of your Browning shotgun. Browning offers accessory/extra barrels for field, turkey and deer hunting. Don't relegate your Maxus to the simple role of "duck gun" simply because you bought it with a 28" standard ribbed barrel. You can easily get a rifled barrel with a cantilever optic mount and use your favorite shotgun for deer season too. Browse our selection of extra barrels based on the model of your shotgun or the shotgun you are thinking of buying in order to get an idea of which options are available to you.

IMPORTANT -- Choosing the correct extra/replacement barrel is extremely important. In most cases, barrels are specific to the exact model and chamber length of the shotgun. Contact your local dealer for assistance and let your dealer inspect your shotgun to make sure you order the correct barrel. If you have any questions at all call Browning Customer Service at 1-800-333-3288.