California Approved Locking Devices

ROSTER OF FIREARM SAFETY DEVICES CERTIFIED FOR SALE. The link is provided as a service to Browning dealers, distributors and customers. This link can be a helpful way to find the California Department of Justice regulations and information on firearms safety devices.

CHOOSING A LOCK. To verify your choice before purchasing any locking devices check the pages at the California DOJ. The pages contain search tools to allow you to choose the correct California DOJ approved lock. In addition, always refer to and follow the instructions contained in the owner's manual that came with your firearm.

The California DOJ Approved Safety Devices page is updated continually, so it is where you will find the most accurate information on approved safety devices for firearms. 

OWNING A BROWNING SAFE MAY QUALIFY AS A LOCKING DEVICE.  An acceptable gun safe must meet a set of standards listed on the California DOJ website. This is the where you will find the most accurate information about the standards. Click or tap here to learn more about approved safes on the California DOJ website.