Browning Privacy Policy


Any information you provide to Browning is not rented, sold, or divulged to third parties without your permission, except as may be legally required by court order or subpoena. This privacy policy applies whether you provide information via telephone, mail, fax, Internet or other means.

We store names, addresses, and, if provided, phone numbers and e-mail addresses collected from these primary sources:

  • Owner's Manual Requests **
  • eBlast **
  • Purchase Confirmation* / **
  • Show Us Your Buckmark contest **
  • Other contests **
  • Trophy Room **
  • e-Store purchases (transacting purchase) **
  • Recalls
  • Rebate offers **

Owner's Manual Requests. Your name and shipping address are provided to our shipping company and used to ship your order. Providing your e-mail address or phone number is optional, but may be helpful should we need to clarify or provide information regarding your request.

eBlast is e-mailed to you only if you subscribe to the service online. You may unsubscribe to eBlast at any time by following the instructions on any e-mail sent from eBlast.

*Purchase Confirmation is available for specific Browning firearms and gun safe products and is not required to validate any implied or written warranty requirements. You may confirm your purchase by filling out a form on the Browning Coinfirm Your Purchase Survey Site.   Click here for information on how to confirm your purchase.. Confirming your purchase enables us to collect personal contact information (as noted above), product data (model, date of purchase, intended use, etc.), as well as demographic and lifestyle information on Browning product owners. We study this marketing information to better serve your needs and interests.

We consider information on firearms and other product purchases (such as model, serial number, purchase date, price paid, etc.) strictly confidential and proprietary. This information is never shared with any third party except to contract with a specialized research agency to organize and quantify this information for our internal marketing analysis or at the specific written request of the Federal government through firearm trace requests or when otherwise required by law.

On the Purchase Confirmation form, you may have the opportunity to indicate interest in optional services and information through the use of “opt-in” boxes. “Opt-in” boxes have a default setting that will indicate no interest in the service or information. If you check an “opt-in” box, we consider this permission to perform the service or give the information described. There are several types of “opt-in” check boxes that may be available:

  • You are given the opportunity to subscribe to Browning eBlast.
  • You are given the opportunity to receive information on products or services that match your indicated hobbies or interests. If you check this “opt-in” box, we will provide your contact information to companies who produce the products of interest or provide information on products you may be interested in. (Please note that we have no control over the privacy policies of these companies.)
  • From time-to-time, we will provide special opportunities to consumers who choose to fill out the Purchase Confirmation form. If you check this “opt-in” box, we will provide your contact information to the company offering the specific special offer. (Please note that we have no control over the privacy policies of these companies.)

Also, to serve your interests more effectively, we provide relevant Web site links for your consideration. We have no control over the privacy policies of these linked sites and recommend you review the privacy statements of these companies carefully before providing them with any of your personal information. Further, linkage to these companies does not imply our endorsement of any non-Browning sites, their products or services, nor does such linkage provide any access by these companies to any information you have provided to us.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy as to information gathered in the future, without notice, based on company policy, requirements of new technology or legislation or other pertinent information to provide appropriate protection consistent with the intent of this policy.

At any time, you may modify or delete your personal information from any or all of the above Browning databases by contacting our web site administrator

** Information collected at these locations is purely voluntary and with specific permission (opt-in) from you.  

Your privacy is important to us. At any time, you may modify or delete your personal information from any or all Browning databases by contacting our customer service department in Morgan, Utah. 

Customer Service
One Browning Place
Morgan, UT 84050

Browning Customer Service e-Mail Address. If you have any questions or requests concerning our privacy policy and the use of any personal information please e-mail us immediately. e-mail Browning Customer Service.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides California consumers with new rights regarding their personal information and imposes data protection responsibilities on certain entities that conduct business in California. 

The law affords Californians several key rights, including rights to:

  • Request information (data access)
  • Opt out of the sale of personal information (a very broadly defined right to opt out of sharing of information with third parties)
  • Have personal information deleted
  • Be informed that personal information is being disclosed or sold

Each of these points is addressed by Browning in the policy above.