Historic Timeline

Historic Timeline

This timeline is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be considered definitive. Information below has been compiled from various documents, books, magazine articles, and employee recollections. Any errors are inadvertent. This is not a legal document in any way and in no way is it definitive.

Understanding Browning product history can be confusing. Some firearms designed by John M. Browning were not actually imported under the Browning name for many years. Many manufacturers made his designs before the Browning brand was established as a firearms brand on the actual rifles, shotguns, and pistols. 

An excellent example of this is the Single Shot rifle, Browning's first commercial design. However, it was originally sold by the Browning brothers out of Ogden, Utah. Then the rights were sold to Winchester and it was produced as the 1885 Single Shot for many years. It was then revived under the Browning brand as the B-78 in 1969. In the 1990s, it changed brands again and was produced and sold by Winchester, which continues until today. 

Early Browning Single Shot Rifle

Early Browning Single Shot Rifle

1850 — 1900

1850 — 1900

Jan. 23, 1855

Birth of John Moses Browning in Ogden, Utah.

Oct. 1869
John assembled a slide rifle out of spare parts for his brother's birthday.

Spring, 1878
John Browning begins work on his first single shot rifle.

April 10, 1879
John Moses Browning married Rachel Teresa Child.

May 12, 1879
The application for patent on the single shot rifle was filed.

Oct. 7, 1879
U.S. Patent No. 220,271 was granted to the single shot rifle.

With the aid of his brothers, John Browning established his arms factory.

Mar. 20, 1882
Patent application was filed on bolt-action repeating rifle with a tubular magazine.

July 25, 1882
U.S. Patent No. 261,667 was granted to the bolt action repeater.

Sept. 13, 1882
Patent filed on lever action, exposed hammer, tubular magazine rifle.

Spring, 1883
Mr. T.G. Bennett, Vice-President and General Manager of Winchester Repeating Arms Company, comes to Ogden, Utah Territory and forms an alliance that is to last nineteen years and is to change the course of firearms development. As part of the transaction, the Single Shot is sold to Winchester, and Mr. Bennett is assured of first rights on a new repeater. The Single Shot becomes the Winchester Model 1885.

John Moses Browning as a young man.
John Moses Browning with his family in Ogden, Utah.

May 26, 1884 

Patent filed on lever action repeating rifle that employed sliding vertical locks.

October 1884 
Patent No. 306,577 was granted on the new repeater and John, together with his brother Matt, traveled to New Haven to deliver what was to become the famous Winchester Model 1886.

Feb. 16, 1886 
Patent No. 336,287 was granted on a lever action repeating shotgun. Known as the Winchester Model 1887, it was the first successful repeating shotgun.

Mar. 28, 1887 
John leaves for Georgia to spend two years as a Mormon missionary.

Dec. 13, 1887 
Patent was filed on a 22 caliber pump action repeating rifle. It has been called "the most popular 22 caliber pump action rifle ever made." Patent No. 385,238 was granted on June 26, 1888. First marketed as the Winchester Model 1890.

Fall, 1889
Began development of the first models that were designed to employ the expanding gases behind the bullet to operate the action.

Jan. 6, 1890
John filed his first patent dealing with gas operation.

June 30, 1890 
Patent application was filed on a pump action repeating shotgun. Marketed as the Winchester Model 1893. A later take-down version was known as the Winchester Model 1897

Aug. 3, 1891
Patents filed on two separate automatic gas operated guns.

Nov. 7, 1892
Filed first patents on the Colt Model 1895 Automatic Machine Gun. Earned the name "Browning Peacemaker" during the Spanish-American War.

Jan. 19, 1894
Filed patent on what would become the Winchester Model 1894, the first repeating action sporting rifle to handle smokeless powder cartridges. This rifle is ascribed by many to be the most popular high powered rifle ever built.

Nov. 19, 1894
Patent was filed on a lever action repeating rifle with a non-detachable box magazine designed for jacketed sharp-nosed bullets. Marketed as the Winchester Model 1895.

Sept. 14, 1895
Filed patent application on first semi-automatic pistol.

Oct. 31, 1896
3 basic pistol patents were filed that concerned blowback action, a locked recoil system with a turning lock, and a locked recoil system with a pivoting lock.

July 17, 1897
A contract between Browning and Fabrique Nationale was signed which authorized the Belgium firm to manufacture a blowback operated, 32 caliber semi-automatic pistol for all markets outside the United States. Production commenced in 1899.

Feb. 17, 1899 
Application for patent was filed on a single shot 22 caliber plinking rifle known as the Winchester Model 1900.

Feb., 1900
Colt placed a Browning designed 38 caliber recoil operated semi-automatic pistol on the market. It was the first semi-automatic pistol in the United States.

1900 — 1950

1900 — 1950

Feb., 1900

Colt placed a Browning-designed 38 caliber recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol on the market. It was the first semi-automatic pistol in the United States.

Feb. 8, 1900
The first of four patents were filed on the revolutionary autoloading shotgun. It would be manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in 1903 and by Remington Arms Company in 1905.

Oct. 6, 1900 
The first successful autoloading high-power rifle received Patent No. 659,786. U.S. manufacturing and sales rights were granted to Remington Arms Company, and the rifle first appeared in 1906 as the Model 8.

July 16, 1901
Browning submitted a blowback operated 32 caliber semi-automatic pistol to Colt, who immediately accepted it. The marketing agreement stipulated that the pistol would be priced low enough to compete with the revolvers of the period.

Jan., 1902
In a disagreement about the public acceptability of the autoloading shotgun, John Browning severed his nineteen year relationship with T.G. Bennett of Winchester.

Jan. 8, 1902
An appointment was made to show the new shotgun to Mr. Marcellus Hartley of Remington. This meeting was cancelled by Mr. Hartley's untimely death that afternoon.

Feb., 1902
With his autoloading shotgun securely tucked under his arm, John Browning embarked on his first ocean voyage. He would offer the new shotgun to Fabrique Nationale.

Mar. 24, 1902
A contract was signed granting FN exclusive world rights to manufacture and sell the autoloading shotgun.

July 10, 1903
Patent application was filed on a pump action shotgun that would become the Stevens Model 520.

Summer, 1903
At the request of FN, Browning developed a 9mm military semi-automatic pistol.

In the face of restrictive tariffs, FN agreed to cede to Remington the rights to manufacture and sell the autoloading shotgun in the United States.

June 21, 1909 
The application for a patent on a 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol was filed. It has been manufactured and sold by both FN and Colt. It was part of the Browning Arms Company line from 1955 to 1969.

Feb. 17, 1910 
Patents were filed on a 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. It served as the official United States military sidearm for almost 75 years.

Nov. 26, 1913
Filed patent on a pump shotgun that would be marketed as the Remington Model 17. It was John M. Browning's last repeater-type shotgun.

Jan. 6, 1914
Patents were granted and production began on a semi-automatic 22 caliber rifle. Remington also produced this rifle as the Model 24.

Feb. 27, 1917 
First public demonstration on the Browning 30 caliber Heavy Machine Gun at Congress Heights, Washington, D.C.

July, 1917 
Began work on the 50 caliber Water Cooled Machine Gun. Completed too late for World War I, this military weapon played a prominent role in World War II and Korea.

Aug. 1, 1917
Application for patent filed on the Browning Automatic Rifle. The B.A.R. first saw combat in 1918.

July 26, 1919
Patent application filed on a 22 pump action rifle that would be produced exclusively by Fabrique Nationale.

Early 1921
John M. Browning began work on his first 37mm Aircraft Cannon.

Oct. 15, 1923
The first of two patents were filed on the Superposed Over/Under shotgun.

June 28, 1923 
Patent application was filed on a 9mm short-recoil, locked-breech, exposed-hammer semi-automatic pistol. This was John M. Browning's last pistol development.

Nov. 26, 1926 
John Moses Browning died of heart failure at Liege, Belgium. The great gunmaker had laid down his tools.

Sept., 1927
J.M. & M.S. Browning Company was incorporated in Utah with the Browning Arms Company as a subsidiary.

St. Louis distribution center and sales organization established. Ogden remained the headquarters, directing all activities.

The Superposed shotgun was introduced into the Browning Arms Company line.

Auto-5 "Sweet Sixteen" was introduced.

After the German occupation put a stop to Belgian production, Remington made an American-Made Auto-5 for Browning. This was their Model 11, but included the magazine cut-off, which was not a part of the Model 11.  This was called the American Browning.

Remington resumed making the American-Made Auto-5 for Browning until the discontinued production of the Model 11 to introduce their new 11-49 autoloader.

FN resumes Auto-5 production.

June, 1948
Light 12 Auto-5 introduced, 12 gauge Superposed re-introduced to the American market.

New 20 gauge Superposed introduced.

1950 — 2000

1950 — 2000


J.M. & M.S. Browning Company liquidated, and Browning Arms Company became an importer with wholesale functions.

25 caliber. 380 caliber and 9mm pistols introduced into line.

Double Automatic 12 gauge shotgun introduced.

Jan. 1, 1955 
A newly created Browning Industries accepted the import functions previously held by J.M. & M.S. Browning Company. Browning Arms Company became the parent company.

22 Semi-Automatic rifle introduced

Browning Arms of Canada created,  The new business unit was jointly owned by Browning and Fabrique Nationale. Also a 20 gauge model of the Auto-5 added to the line. 3" Auto-5 Magnum 12 introduced.

FN Mauser Bolt Action rifle added to the line. Trombone 22 introduced to Canada.

Acquired Silaflex and Gordon Plastics, makers of bows, rods and vaulting poles.

22 pistols added: Challenger, Nomad and Medalist. Archery equipment, fishing rods, ski poles and vaulting poles were added to the catalog.

Browning Corporate Headquarters relocated to Route 1, Morgan, Utah.

T-Bolt 22 rifle introduced. A line of leather goods including belts, holsters and flexible gun cases also became available.

Browning began its initial association with Miroku Firearms in Japan.

Entered the sailboat business with the acquisition of Newport Boats of California and Virginia. Assets liquidated in 1976.

Archery accessories added to the line.

BAR semi-automatic sporting high powered rifle was introduced. 3" Auto-5 Mag. 20 gauge introduced.

St. Louis sales operation relocated to Morgan, Utah. Warehouse/parts and service moved to Arnold, Missouri.

Barth Leather Company and Caldwell Lace Company (Auburn, Kentucky) acquired.

May, 1968
Hunting clothing introduced. Introduced BT-99 single barrel Trap shotgun.

Acquired Harwill, Inc., manufacturers of Fiberglass outboard and inboard motorboats as well as small aluminum boats and canoes. Liquidated in 1974.

May, 1969 
BL-22 Lever Action 22 rifle and knives added to the line.

Medalist 22 target pistol added.

New 380 pistol and BLR Lever Action high-power rifle added to the line.

As to the BLR . . . those historians who follow these things know that the BLR has a more convoluted history with stops and starts along the way. The first fully promoted year with significant deliveries of the BLR is 1971, although the BLR project began in the mid-60s.

B-SS 12 gauge side-by-side shotgun added.

In two very historic company name changes, Browning Industires becomes Browning Arms Company and Browning Arms Company becomes Browning. 

New guns introduced: 12 gauge Citori over/under shotgun, 12 gauge Liege over/under shotgun, B-SS in 20 gauge, B-78 single shot rifle in round or octagon barrel options.

Browning line was enlarged with the B-2000 automatic shotgun in 12 gauge, the Citori 20 gauge and the Citori Trap & Skeet models.

Citori 20 gauge Skeet introduced. B-2000 in 20 gauge added to the line.

Further additions: Challenger II 22 pistol, BT-99 Competition, B-78 in 45-70 and 7mm, and BLR 358, Citori became available with extra barrels, Auto-5 16 gauge discontinued, Auto-5 production went to Japan latter part of 1976.

Superposed discontinued (Grade I, Diana, Midas), Presentation Superposed introduced. BAR 22 and BPR 22 introduced, BPS pump shotgun introduced (12 gauge only), Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle introduced, BBR bolt action rifle introduced, B-2000 Trap & Skeet introduced with high post rib, BDA pistol introduced in 45, 9mm and 38 Super.

Browning changes ownership and becomes part of what eventually will become the FN Herstal Group.

Browning enters the company's Centennial year. To commemorate this event, five limited Centennial editions were prepared. The included a Superposed Continental over/under rifle combination, a Centennial edition of the Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle, a replica of the Winchester Model 1892 called the Centennial Browning 92, a chromed version of the 9mm Hi-Power, and a special set of folding knives.

B-92 in 44 Magnum introduced.

Grade II BAR 22 introduced, 9mm nickel and Waterfowl Superposed, (Mallard Issue) introduced. Citori Sideplate and the B-80 gas operated shotgun introduced.

Model 81 BLR lever rifle and Citori all gauge skeet set offered.

Waterfowl Superposed (Pintail issue), BBR Lightning Bolt, 9mm silver/chrome pistol and Ltd. BAR (Big Game) introduced. Model '81 BLR changed (it featured new flush magazine, flat sides), new B-80 Superlight, B-92 in 357 Magnum and Challenger III pistol added.

Standard Invector chokes offered. Black Duck Waterfowl Superposed, Citori Grade VI and Grade I introduced. Sidelock (B-SS) introduced. Challenger III Sporter with 6 3¾"barrel added to the line.

Gold Classic A-5 introduced. Model 1895 in 30-06 caliber, Citori Upland Special and Sidelock 20 gauge introduced. BPS Upland Special offered.

A-Bolt centerfire introduced. Model 1885, Gold Classic 9mm, Pigeon, Pointer, Diana, Midas Superposed and the Grade III Citori was introduced. Buck Mark pistol, made in USA offered. New finishes offered in the 9mm pistols.

Model 1886, Ltd. Edition, A-Bolt 22, Gold Classic over/under and BPS pump Youth & Ladies offered.

Sweet Sixteen Auto-5 and Citori 16 gauge introduced. Model 71 offered in 348 Win. A-500 shotgun introduced and 3 barrel Skeet Citori set. BPS Stalker and Stainless Stalker A-Bolt introduced. A-Bolt Camo Stalker offered. Grade VI Semi-Auto 22. Buck Mark Plus, Silhouette and Varmint models added.

Custom Gun Shop reinstated in Belgium featuring the B-125 and B-25 Superposed. B-80 "Plus" offered for a short time. Model 12 20 gauge in Grade I and High Grade offered. A-Bolt Composite Stalker, A-Bolt 22 Gold Medallion, Micro-Medallion and Composite Stalker introduced. Lightning model Citori, and new calibers in 280 and 338 BAR included.
Clothing Division created.

Citori Sporting Clays introduced, fixed chokes, 2 3/4" only. BT-99 Plus and Recoilless introduced, but the latter gun not released. 3 1/2" Magnum BPS introduced. A-Bolt 284 caliber introduced. Model 65 introduced in 218 Bee, limited edition. A-Bolt 22 Mag. Offered. Ambidextrous safety appears on all 9mm models.

Model 12 in 28 gauge, and the A500-G gas operated shotgun available. Gran Lightning Citori and BT-99 Plus introduced with back-bored barrels. 10 gauge and 3 1/2" 12 gauge BPS added. The Model 53 in 32-20 caliber rifle, limited edition offered.. 

This same year Fabrique National (along with Browning and other smaller owned entities) is sold to GIAT Industries. There is some confusion over the involvement of FN, Browning and Giat Industries over the years. This short timeline (from an FN corporate history) sheds some light. 

  • 1977: Browning company is acquired by Fabrique Nationale (FN).
  • 1987: US Repeating Arms Co. is purchased from the owners. The Winchester brand (licensed from Olin Corporation) is acquired at the same time by FN.
  • 1990: Société Générale sells FN to GIAT Industries.
  • 1997: The Walloon government (a region of Belgium) buys the entire FN family of companies (including Browning and the Winchester brand of firearms) from GIAT and renames it Groupe Herstal.

Interestingly, throughout this time period there was generally a significant demarcation or separation of the activities between the military side of the group (FN) and the sporting side (Browning/Winchester). Product development, marketing, business functions, industry associations, corporate objectives, etc. were essentially independent. The Browning and Winchester sporting units are primarily divided between Browning/ Winchester Repeating Arms for North America and Browning/Winchester International for the rest of the world. (This information is provided for informational purposes only

BPS shotgun with new engraving. New models include Youth/Ladies, Upland Special, Buck Special, Stalker and 20 gauge Hunting. BDM (Double Mode) pistol and 9mm Hi-Power Practical introduced. New Buck Mark pistols include Standard Nickel, 5.5 Gold, 5.5 Field and Unlimited Match.

Browning Fishing division licensed to Zebco, Tulsa OK.

Citori Plus Combo, Auto-5 12 gauge Stalker, Model 42 410 bore Grade I, BPS Game gun, Model 1886 Carbine Grade V, Model 1886 Carbine Grade I, 9mm Hi-Power Silver/Chrome, Buck Mark Micro Standard Nickel, Buck Mark Micro Plus and Buck Mark Micro Standard added to the line.

Citori G.T.I. 325 and Citori Plus Pigeon Grade, BT-99 Plus, Signature BT-99, Signature BT-99 Plus and BT-99 Stainless, BSA 10 gauge, Gold Autoloading shotgun offered. The Recoilless Trap again advanced. BSA 10 gauge Stalker, BPS 10 gauge Waterfowl model, BAR Mark II Safari with open sights, BAR Mark II no sights and A-Bolt Euro bolt models introduced.

BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) introduced. A-Bolt II Hunter, A-Bolt II Medallion and Euro Bolt, A-Bolt II Stainless Stalker, Composite Stalker and Varmint added. Citori Golden Clays Target, Golden Clays G.T.I., Pigeon Grade Special Sporting, Golden Clays and Citori Skeet. BPS 20 gauge. Gold Semi-Auto shotgun introduced in 12 and 20 gauge. 40 S&W caliber Hi-Power offered.

Citori 425 Sporting Clays, WSSF Sporting Clays Ultra Sporter, Special Trap and Special Skeet introduced. BT-99 Max, BT-100 and BT-100 Thumbhole stock offered. A-Bolt shotgun Stalker with rifled choked tube and A-Bolt shotgun Hunter with Rifled barrel introduced. Fire protection offered on safes.
Giat board nominates Jacques Loppion as Giat Industries chairman and CEO.

New introductions include A-Bolt II Stalker in Varmint and Eclipse models, BLR Lightning with fold-down hammer, M-1885 BPCR in 45-70 and 40-65 calibers, Citori 802ES Light Sporting Clays, Gold 12 gauge, Gold Sporting Clays, Buck Mark Plus Nickel, Micro Plus Nickel, Bullseye with rosewood grips, Bullseye with rubber grips.

BPR (Browning Pump Rifle) in long and short action. Seven calibers in long action 270, 30-06, 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 Win. Mag. Short action in 243 and 308. A-Bolt II M-1000 Eclipse in 300 Win. Mag., M-1885 Traditional Hunter in 30-30, 38-55 and 45-70 calibers and BAR Mk II Lightweight rifle offered. BDM offered in Silver/Chrome and Practical, 9mm BPM-D (Browning Pistol Mode Decocker) double action pistol with all steel slide and frame, 9mm BRM-DAO (Browning Revolver Mode Double Action Only).

Gold 3 1/2" Hunter, Gold 3 1/2" Stalker, BPS Cantilever game guns, Citori White Lightning, Citori Sporting Hunter offered. M-1885 Low-Wall Traditional Hunter with 24" half round, half octagon barrel in 22 Hornet, 223 Rem. and 243 calibers, M-1885 BPCR Creedmoor in 45-90 caliber, has windage front sight and Vernier rear sight. The famous Auto-5 shotgun, invented in 1903, and one of John M. Browning's greatest inventions lives out its life. Amid much concern and thought, it is discontinued from the line.

Gold shotgun offered in Waterfowl Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, Turkey/Waterfowl in Mossy Oak Break-Up, Deer in Mossy Oak Break-Up, Classic Stalker, Turkey/Waterfowl Stalker, Deer Stalker, Classic Hunter, Turkey/Waterfowl Hunter, Classic High Grade, Classic 20 gauge, Golden Clays and Ladies/Youth Sporting Clays. BPS 12 gauge Waterfowl in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass. Citori shotgun offered in Superlight Feather, Lightning Feather, Satin Hunter and XT models. BT-100 Satin. BAR Classic Mark II Safari. The Acera straight pull rifle from FN debuts. A-Bolt II offered in Classic series, Micro Hunter, and White Gold Medallion. Buck Mark pistol offered in two new models, Challenge and Micro Challenge.

2000 — 2009

2000 — 2009


Auto-5 Final Tribute offered. Gold Waterfowl Mossy Oak Break-Up, BPS 10 gauge Turkey/Waterfowl, BPS 12 gauge Waterfowl Mossy Oak Break-Up introduced. Citori 20 gauge Lightning Feather, Citori Lightning Feather Combo, Citori White Lightning Special, and Citori Privilege available. Citori B.G. VI Lightning, Citori B.G. III Lightning, Citori Ultra XS Skeet, Citori Feather XS in 12, 20, 28 and .410 bore introduced. Mr. Don Gobel, president of Browning since 1980 retires. Provided a total of 34 years in the Hunting and Shooting industry. Mr. Charles Guevremont, formerly with Browning Canada takes the reins as the new president.

Browning licenses its Archery production to PSE, AZ. Archery production ceases after 38 years. Browning licenses its footwear division to H.H. Brown Shoe Co. (Browning introduced hunting boots in1968.) In partnership with Winchester Ammunition, Browning develops the new 300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) cartridge. It was voted "Ammunition of the Year" by the 2001 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. The Gold Fusion Autoloader and four new models of the Gold shotgun, a new BPS Micro 20 ga., special National Wild Turkey Federation guns are introduced. The BT-99 Trap gun returns and new Citori's offered in a 20 ga. XS skeet and 20 ga. Privilege.

The Browning/Winchester 300 WSM cartridge becomes a family with the addition of the new 270 WSM and 7mm WSM. The 270 WSM was awarded "Ammunition of the Year" by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. These calibers offered in the A-Bolt and BAR rifles. Citori 525, with the most features ever, introduced in many styles/models. Citori XS Pro-Comp, Esprit, and Gold Classic high grade offered. Dura-Touch stock finish and new Buck Mark Classic target rifle with heavy barrel offered. A new conservation series of safes offered. A smaller compact model safe introduced. Browning prepares to celebrate its 125th year anniversary in 2003.

Browning celebrates 125 years of innovation in firearms and outdoor sporting products. Many products are introduced to commemorate the event.

Browning and Winchester take the short magnum concept to the next level with the introduction of the 223 and 243 super short magnum. This not only includes these new calibers, but a new class of bolt-action rifle – the super-short action. Super-short action A-Bolts are chambered for 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM. An A-Bolt in White Gold for the RMEF is offered in 7mm Rem. Mag. only. Many BAR rifles are offered in the new WSM calibers. The BLR comes out in a new straight-grip style stock. A Classic Carbon Fiber Buck Mark 22 rifle is introduced, and the Citori 525 is offered in 28 gauge and .410 Bore.

A Golden Clays BT-99 with adjustable comb makes its debut, and the NWTF Gold Autoloader turkey shotgun is offered.

The Cynergy over/under shotgun, promising a new revision in shotgunning history is introduced. The Citori Lightning, Gran Lightning and the White Lightning with new engraving are offered. The Citori XS Special and a BT-99 Micro are new. The Gold Evolve autoloading shotgun with new, innovative ergonomic styling is introduced.

The 25 WSSM short-action caliber, (.257 bullet diameter), perhaps the ultimate whitetail deer cartridge is new for 2004. Handsome European styling, including new alloy receivers, hammer-forged barrels, shims to adjust the stock and lightweight profiles characterized the new BAR ShortTrac and LongTrac rifles. An A-Bolt rifle with a titanium receiver, called the Mountain Ti, is introduced. It weighs only 5 lbs. 8 oz.

The A-Bolt Eclipse is now available in the popular WSM calibers, no BOSS. In the BL-22 rifle lineup, a new Classic Series Grade II with a 24” octagon barrel is available. Decals for vehicles are new.

Browning celebrates John M. Browning’s 150th birthday. He was born in Ogden, Utah, January 23rd, 1855. The Consumer catalog is dedicated to him.

The Cynergy over/under shotgun, introduced last year, is available in 20 and 28 gauge. The Citori Super Lightning Grade I, Classic Lightning Grade I, Lightning Feather Grade I, 525 Sporting Grade I, XT Trap Gold with adjustable comb, Grade IV Lightning and Grade VII lightning are all new for 2005. The Gold Autoloading Fusion comes out in a new High Grade with a silver nitride receiver and Turkish walnut stock. Also, the Gold is offered in a new “Golden Clays” Sporting Clays model, with one for lady shooters as well.

The 325 WSM cartridge, designed to rival the 300 Win. Mag. and the powerful 338 Win. Mag., is new in three bullet weights. It offers serious knockdown power with greater velocity in a lighter rifle. The timeless Model ‘81 BLR is now available in a new Lightweight, short-action, long action pistol grip model.

The BL-22 rifle has a new caliber: the 17 Mach 2. Called the new BL-17, it has new looks and an octagon barrel as an option.

In pistols, the new Buck Mark Camper and Standard Stainless offer a stainless steel tapered bull or flat-sided bull 5 1/2” barrel. They have a matte finished slide.

New Cocabolo grips adorn the Buck Mark 5.5 Target and 5.5 Field models.

Many products were adorned with the 150th birthday logo of John M. Browning such as safes, knives, and special gifts. A new licensee now carries camping gear.

The Cynergy, with its ingenious design inside and out, now includes the traditionally stocked Classic Series.

The Gold Superlights utilize the new Active Valve System for reliability with any factory load.

Totally new for 2006 is the gas-operated Silver shotgun; a perfect match between value and performance, representing ruggedness, fast handling, balanced to perfection.

A revolutionary old-timer returns: The Browning T-Bolt is back, with an innovative Double Helix rotary magazine.

Also, the Buck Mark pistol adds a new Lite model, saving weight with alloy-sleeved barrels and the soft UltraGrip RX adds shooting comfort.

The new ShortTrac and LongTrac Stalker have a non-glare composite finish, alloy receivers and gripping panels on the rugged composite stock. Nine calibers are offered.

New A-Bolt rifles include the NRA Wildlife Conservation Collection, a new M-1000 Eclipse with a matte-blued or stainless steel finish.

A new BL-22 NRA Grade I and Buck Mark FLD are added.

The timeless BLR lever action centerfire rifle is offered in two takedown models, one with a pistol grip and one with a scout scope mount in all WSM calibers.

Cynergy over and under shotgun introduces new models; the Feather, Feather Composite, Euro Sporting/Adjustable, Euro Sporting Composite, Classic Field Grade II, Grade VI, Classic Field, Classic Sporting and Classic Trap.

Citori's new models for 2007 include the 525 Feather, 525 Field Grade III, GTS High Grade and Grade I, Citori XS Special with low and high post rib and Grand Prix Sporter.

The Silver and Gold Autoloading shotguns introduce a new Mossy Oak® Duck Blind™ camo. Extra barrels for the Silver shotgun are available.

The BPS Pump shotgun comes out in Mossy Oak® Duck Blind™ and the BPS Rifled Deer in Mossy Oak New Break-Up is offered. A new BPS Trap and Micro Trap gun is announced.

The BAR ShortTrac and LongTrac are offered in Mossy Oak New Break-Up and both models are available in left-hand with the standard satin finished stock and blued receiver and barrel.

A new A-Bolt Special Hunter and RMEF A-Bolt White Gold are new for 2007.

The T-Bolt, introduced last year is offered in a new Target/Varmint model with a heavy target barrel and Monte Carlo stock.

Models of Buck Mark pistols have new Ultragrip DX ambidextrous wood, laminate and composite grips with ergonomic finger grooves.

A new Citori 625 Field and Sporting model with high relief engraving on steel receivers are available, and also a new Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo with Adjustable Comb.

The BT-99 is offered in a new Grade III with or without an adjustable comb.

The autoloading Gold shotgun gives way to the new Silver model. The Silver lineup for 2008 includes a new Silver Hunter, Micro, Sporting Micro, Silver Lightning FLD, NWTF in MONBU, a Rifled Deer model in MONBU, Rifled Deer Stalker and a new Silver Rifled Deer in Satin.

The new X-Bolt Bolt-Action Rifle is launched, and is the most innovative bolt rifle on the market. It features a new, three-lever Feather Trigger, a solid X-Lock scope mounting system, a new added measure of safety with a Bolt Unlock Button and a 60„a bolt lift. It also has a free-floated barrel, bedded at the front and rear of the action for stability.
Also new on the X-Bolt is the Inflex Technology Recoil Pad which directs recoil punch in a downward deflection, pulling the stock comb away from the face to reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb. It features a rotary box magazine designed to feed cartridges directly in-line with the bolt, instead of offset as with traditional leaf-spring magazines. There are four models issued and more to come.

Two new T-Bolt models are in the lineup for 2008. One is a Composite Sporter with a medium sporter barrel and a composite stock with a spare magazine storage compartment. The other is the T-Bolt Composite Target/Varmint model with a heavy target barrel and semi-match chamber.

One new Buck Mark pistol is introduced. The Full Line Dealer Buck Mark Camper Stainless URX.

2009 becomes the year of the new Maxus autoloading shotgun. Several new innovative features combine to make this gun the top dog among the world’s autoloading shotguns.

A new Citori comes out in a 625 Field and Sporting model in the lighter gauges.

A Cynergy Euro Field, Cynergy Feather, Cynergy Euro Sporting, Cynergy Euro Sporting with Adjustable Comb and new Cynergy Euro Sporting Composite with Adjustable Comb is offered.

The Silver Autoloading shotgun has taken the place of the Gold shotgun, and a new Silver Sporting model is offered with a 28” or 30” barrel. Also new is the Silver Rifled Deer, in Mossy Oak New Break-Up or satin finish in 20 gauge.

The X-Bolt rifle is available in new calibers for 2009 and there is a new X-Bolt Micro Hunter for youth and ladies. It is offered in eight calibers. Also, there is a new X-Bolt Varmint Stalker, RMEF White Gold and RMEF Special Hunter.

In the A-Bolt line, a new Target model is offered in blue or stainless, and the popular BAR in LongTrac and ShortTrac is offered in left-hand models, many new calibers and camo options.

You can now pick up a fine T-Bolt in 22 LR, 17 HMR, 22 WMR in left-hand models in the Composite Sporter and Sporter configurations. Also offered in left-hand is the T-Bolt Composite Target/Varmint and the T-Bolt Target/Varmint in the walnut model.

Updates for recent years are only made periodically. Refer to the Catalog Download page for PDFs containing the most recent history.

Updates for recent years are only made periodically. Refer to the Catalog Download page for PDFs containing the most recent history.


Born in 1855, John M. Browning dedicated his life to inventing revolutionary firearms that were desitned to shape the future. Read about him in this riveting biography. Click Here to learn more.