Beware Fraudulent Websites

Be wary of fraudulent websites attempting to mimic Browning’s official website (i.e.,, or claiming to be authorized Browning online retailers that are able to sell firearms directly to consumers. Browning has been made aware of certain websites being run by criminals that have the look and feel of Browning’s official website, and may even have “Browning” in the name of the website’s URL address. 

These fraudulent websites purport to carry a vast array of Browning firearms and firearm parts/accessories available for purchase, and assert that such products can be purchased by and delivered directly to the consumer. In many cases, the products purported to be sold are discontinued or hard-to-find products, so please be wary if a deal seems too good to be true.

If you have any suspicion that you may be dealing with one of these fraudulent websites:

Please contact the Browning customer service department at 800-333-3288 or before providing any form of financial payment. (Note: In many cases, the fraudulent website may request payment in the form of cryptocurrency, Zelle, or PayPal.)   

For more information regarding these fraudulent websites, please review the following notice from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Firearm Industry Trade Association: