Browning Fitted Cases for Rifles and Shotguns

When you're spending thousands of dollars for a premium over and under shotgun, does it make sense to carry it in a "bargain" plastic or nylon case? A shooter who buys a nice, beautifully designed firearm is just as interested in style, beauty and form as they are in the actual function, ergonomics and accuracy of the gun. Browning fitted cases embody this same philosophy in making a case for your over and under.

Browning fitted cases provide more than just basic protection from scratches and dents, they provide storage for range equipment such as eye and ear protection, shooting gloves and  additional choke tubes. The case exteriors are made from premium leathers and classic canvases; materials that are beautiful, durable and only look better as they age and wear. Each case is constructed with a solid wood internal frame, and is compartmentalized to separate components and accessories, and hold them in place with customizable plush block inserts.

Fitted Gun Cases