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OUTDOOR AND SPORTS EDITORS — Periodically Browning issues press releases to announce interesting developments with Browning. These include, but are not limited to, the release of new products covering firearms, clothing and everything in between. From time to time, there are other events that will merit an official press release from Browning. If you are an outdoor writer or editor and can't find information on a product you are interested in (and need inspiration to begin an article) download the information below or contact our PR department. Most releases have a downloadable MS Word document available. Call us at 801-876-2711. 

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  • Shaundi Campbell, Media and Events Manager
Browning Press Releases

To outdoor writers and editors; High Resolution images are available on each product page throughout the Browning website. The link is located in the upper right of each large image on each product page and is titled "Download Hi-Res Image."