The Citori Story.

The Citori Story.

MULTIPURPOSE MASTERPIECES. Browning pioneered the concept of the multipurpose over and under shotgun back in the 1970s, not long after the Citori was first introduced. There really isn’t a better foundation for a do-it-all gun than an over and under, and the new Citori CX family of shotguns will not disappoint. Take them all for a swing — there’s sure to be one to meet your hierarchy of needs.

TRIPLE TRIGGER SYSTEM. Citori target shotguns come equipped with the Triple Trigger System, which fine tunes finger-to-trigger length of pull. Choose a wide checkered, narrow smooth or wide smooth canted trigger shoe.

HAMMERS AND HAMMER EJECTORS. For positive primer ignition, Citori hammers are driven by powerful coil mainsprings. The convenient barrel selector allows you to choose which barrel fires on the first pull of the single trigger, and the second pull fires the remaining barrel. Ejectors are fired by a sharp hammer blow for more positive ejection than the push imparted by competitors’ ejectors. The automatic ejectors eject fired hulls when the breech is opened and elevate unfired shells for easy removal.

POINT OF IMPACT. A big part of what makes the Citori shotguns so versatile is the available points of impact (POI). CXS models feature a 50/50 POI that is preferred when a target presentation can come from anywhere, like a clay target soaring above you or a pheasant erupting from the brush. CXT models feature a 70/30 POI that is more suited to trap, where targets rise. The higher POI allows the target to be visible when the trigger is pulled.

BACK-BORED TECHNOLOGY. Back-boring increases the inside bore diameter to its ideal, maximum allowable specification. This reduces friction between the shot cup and the barrel, allowing the energy developed by the powder to propel the shot pellets to a higher velocity.

Reducing friction from the forcing cone on the shot column also results in fewer deformed pellets for more uniform patterns and keeps more pellets in the center of the pattern. Back-bored barrels work hand-in-hand with the Browning Invector-Plus™ interchangeable choke system.

CHROME CHAMBERS. For increased durability and corrosion resistance, all Citori shotguns have hard chrome-plated chambers to resist the toll that thousands of shells can take on lesser quality guns.

TOTAL BARREL DYNAMICS — STEEL SHOT PERFORMANCE. The strength of Browning barrels is legendary, and they are built to handle the punishment of steel shot. Unlike some manufacturers’ barrels that show pitting after shooting steel, Browning pioneered construction that maximizes steel shot performance and barrel durability.

Browning barrels meet the strictest material and construction quality standards. The barrel blanks are made from rolled and tempered steel bars and are stress relieved to offer exceptional mechanical properties. The barrel blanks are then precision drilled, reamed and honed to exacting specifications.

VECTOR PRO™ — VECTOR PRO LENGTHENED FORCING CONES ON 12 AND 20 GAUGE CITORI SHOTGUNS. Browning was the first manufacturer to recognize the performance advantages of a back-bored barrel and to make it a standard feature on shotguns. Longer, tapered Vector Pro forcing cone dimensions minimize shot deformation and maximize pattern uniformity, consistency and density. Back-boring increases bore diameter specifications and decreases friction between the shot cup and the bore to maximize shot pellet velocity and to reduce felt recoil. Reducing constriction from the forcing cone on the shot column results in fewer deformed pellets for more uniform patterns, and keeps more pellets in the central part of the pattern where they’re needed to bag more upland birds, waterfowl and clay targets. Browning back-bore specifications represent the ideal bore dimensions. A larger bore diameter can let gases slip by the shot cup, resulting in both reduced pellet velocity and blown patterns. A smaller bore diameter means the forcing cone can deform pellets, leading to flyers and poor ballistic performance.

INVECTOR CHOKE TUBE SYSTEMS. The proven Invector-Plus choke tube system is featured on every Citori shotgun and provides consistent, dense shot patterns in the constriction needed for the specific shooting situation. The longer choke taper inside an Invector-Plus choke tube works with back-bored barrels and Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones to produce dense patterns with uniform densities and fewer flyers. The superior designs of the Invector systems are far more durable than the choke systems found in competitors’ guns, especially when shooting steel shot loads. The Invector systems eliminate gases slipping between the choke tube and barrel that could damage both the choke tube and the barrel. 

A VERY LONG AND COMPLEX HISTORY.  John Moses Browning was not only a genius of repeating firearms, like the Automatic 5, the 1911 pistol, the Browning BAR, the M2 machine gun, the Model 1894 Winchester and many more. He also revolutionized shotgunning with by perfecting the over and under shotgun. His original creation came to be known as the Superposed. In time, the Browning over and under evolved into the Citori shotgun. Today's Browning Citori stands out as one of the most enduring, precision firearms ever made. How it came to be is intertwined with the story of the Browning partner factory, Miroku, in Japan. To understand the Citori, you must understand this story. READ THE FULL HISTORY OF BROWNING, MIROKU AND THE CITORI HERE.