Recoil Hawg Muzzle Brake

Recoil HAWG is available in three colors – burnt bronze, matte black and stainless steel. Limited avilability.

Devour Felt Recoil with the New Recoil Hawg Muzzle Brake

It's no secret that magnum calibers pack a wallop and an afternoon ringing steel behind a magnum rifle can be taxing. While zeroing your rifle with a few rounds before a hunt is tolerable, the rising popularity of long range shooting has made comfort and recoil control priorities. 

In response, Browning has developed one of the most effective muzzle brakes in the industry. The new Recoil Hawg devours felt recoil and muzzle jump — proven to reduce recoil up to 76% (depending on the caliber). This reduction makes the punchy 300 RUM have felt recoil similar to that of a 6.5 Creedmoor. Specially designed directional porting blows gases up and to the sides to minimize dust signature. Muzzle jump is also limited to keep shooters looking downrange at their target.

Get a Recoil Hawg on your rifle and shoot with more comfort and confidence than ever before.

  • Multi-port design reduces felt recoil up to 76% (depending on caliber)
  • Top and side ports direct gases to reduce muzzle rise
  • Closed bottom design helps reduce dust signature during firing
  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • Multi-caliber design fits most rifle barrels .30 caliber or smaller with a 5/8"-24 TPI or 1/2"-28 TPI threaded muzzle

Browning Rifles Featuring the Recoil Hawg

See the Recoil Hawg in Action

Features of the Recoil Hawg

Recoil Hawg All


Specially designed directional porting blows gases up and to the sides to minimize recoil, dust signature and keep you looking downrange at your target.

Installation Tool


An installation tool is included to make removing the Recoil Hawg simple.

Threaded Collars


The threaded collar secures the Recoil Hawg to the muzzle of the rifle.

Easy to Install


The Recoil Hawg can be easily installed or removed from your rifle as your requirements change.