REACTAR G3 Recoil Pad

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REACTAR™ is short for REcoil ACTion ARrestor. A breakthrough in perceived recoil reduction, REACTAR is technology proven to reduce the physiological effects of ballistic recoil. REACTAR G3 pads are thin enough to have a negligible effect on length of pull, are lightweight, readily conform to the shooters body and are made using TechnoGel™ which reduces peak recoil. In addition to the advanced material, the REACTAR G3 pad is constructed using a "tower and gap design" that is designed to travel and deform to increase the shock and recoil reduction properties of the pad.

Browning has integrated REACTAR technology into most of our shooting clothing, including vests, jackets and shirts, through the use of an unobtrusive pocket that is designed to hold the 3-1/2" x 6-5/8" REACTAR G3 pad. The recoil pad can be transferred easily between your Browning shooting and hunting clothing, but remains where you need it when you pull the trigger of your long gun. The REACTAR G3 pad is also available with a shoulder harness.

Reactar G3 Recoil Pad