Headwear Sizing



Within the specifications of most headwear items on Browning.com is the size specification listed as "OSFM." This means One Size Fits Most. All current Browning hats and caps are adjustable for head size with either a hook and loop fastener, snapback fastener, a buckle adjuster, elastic or some other adjuster. This is indicated within the specifications of each headwear product under "Size Range" (example shown).

Several Flex Fit hats will have a more specific size indicated for each hat, also found in the specifications listing for each hat under "Size Range." 

When the size is indicated as OSFM Browning caps, beanies, balaclavas and other headwear are made to fit most common head sizes within their respective categories (men, women, youth).



OSFM -- Will fit most adult men. Adjustable men's hats often will fit older youth (late teens) as well. 


OSFM -- Sized to fit the general size range of most women and older teen girls. 


OSFM -- Youth hats have smaller head diameters that fit the head sizes of most youth up to early teens. Older teens will usually get a good fit with an adjustable men's hat.  


OSFM -- Sized for most adult men. Beanies with stretchable fabrics will fit most women and teenagers. 

Types of closure systems

Hook and Loop Closure

Hook and Loop Closure

Hook and loop closures allow for exact fitting as they can be physically repositioned by the user to any size within the hook and loop bands on the back of the cap/hat.


Snapback Closure

This classic cap fastening system allows the user to adjust their cap size using a series of plastic snaps to hold the cap in place at the user-adjusted size. These fasteners have a proven history of wear and reliability.

Stretch Fabrics

Snapback Closure

Many other Browning headwear products are made using stretchable fabrics. Not only do these allow for sizing to many different heads, they hug the hair and scalp to keep warmth in and cold wind out.

Flex Fit

Flex Fit hats have an internal elastic design that offers a comfortable, snug fit for a more specific range of head sizes. Most Flex Fit hats fit Small to Medium. Some are Medium only. The back of the hat is fully closed with no visble adjustment system.