60º Bolt Lift

  A 60º bolt is something you want. Browning X-Bolt, A-Bolt and AB3  rifles have a short 60° bolt lift. Many competitors' rifles incorporate a 90° bolt lift that is not only slower and cumbersome but places the bolt near or on the rifle's scope, making the bolt more difficult to operate. The 60° bolt lift has been a hallmark of Browning bolt action rifles for over three decades.

The comfort and convenience of the added clearance between an open bolt and a large scope cannot be overstated. You will appreciate it. This photo below details the X-Bolt.

  • Short  60° bolt lift is fast cycling and the hand easily clears the scope.
  • The bolt is machined from solid steel bar stock for strength and custom rifle precision.
  • Three locking lugs provide exceptional bolt strength.
60 Degree bolt lift on X-Bolt rifle