2018 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships – The Trap Gun Proving Grounds

Foster and Matt win big at the Grand. More trophies, more shots fired, more top finishes – PERIOD!

Matt and Foster Bartholow with Citori over under shotguns and 28 trophies

28 total trophies combined. Congratulations, Foster and Matt Bartholow!

  • Event 2- Trap & Field Handicap -- Foster- 27-yard runner-up, 96x100
  • Event 3- Little Egypt Golf Cart Doubles -- Matt- Event champion 100x100
  • Event 6- Zoli International Doubles -- Matt- Event champion 100x100
  • Event 8- Gipson-Ricketts Handicap -- Matt- Event 5th 98x100
  • Event 9-Kolar Doubles -- Matt- Event champion 100x100
  • National Team Race (events 7,8,9) -- Team SD- champions, Matt- 297x300, Foster- 292x300
  • Blue/Gray Challenge Shootout -- North team- runner-up
  • Event 12-Rio Ammo Doubles -- Matt- Event champion 100x100
  • Event 13-Blaser Handicap  -- Foster- Event 8th place
  • Event 14-Wenig Doubles -- Foster- Event champion 100x100
  • Preliminary EZ Go High All Around (events 10,11,14) -- Matt- event 3rd place 395x400
  • Negrini Preliminary High Over All 1000 (events 5, 7-14) -- Matt- Event 3rd -978x1000
  • Preliminary White Flyer High Over All 1500 targets (events 1-14) -- Matt- Event runner-up 1472x1500
  • Millennium Luxury Coaches Super 500 Handicap (events 2,5,8,11,13) -- Matt- 27 yard runner up 475x500
  • QMaxx Super 500 Doubles (events 3,6,9,12,14) -- Matt- Champion 500x500
  • Event 15- Winchester AA Class Championship -- Foster- Class AAA runner up 200x200
  • Event 15 Special races- Sibling event  -- Foster and Matt- Champions 400x400
  • Event 17-Downrange Manufacturing Doubles Class Championship -- Foster- AAA Champion 100x100
  • Event 18-Wendell August Champion of Champions -- Foster- Event Third 100x100
  • Event 19-Clever Ammunition Handicap -- Matt- Event runner-up 99x100
  • Event 23-Caesar Guerini Preliminary Handicap -- Foster- 27 yard champion 98x100
  • Event 24-Grand American Handicap presented by Remington -- Matt- 27-yard champion 97x100
  • ATA World High Over All Champion presented by Prize Possessions 1000 targets (events 15-17,19,21-24) -- Matt- AAA champion 981x1000, Foster- AAA Third place 980x1000
  • ATA 2600 High Over All presented by White Flyer (events 1-17,19-24) -- Matt- Event runner-up 2551x2600, Foster- 2539x2600
  • *28 total trophies combined*

Another Fantastic Year for Matt and Foster at the Grand

The Bartholow Brothers achieved another year of excellence with their production Browning trap guns. As Foster puts it, "If you were getting into trapshooting, and the number 2 and number 3 shooters were shooting a Browning, wouldn't you want to look at a Browning too? Our success proves why Browning is 'The Best There Is.'" 

Foster Bartholow with Citori over under shotgun

Foster Bartholow and his Citori at the 2018 Grand.


Matt Bartholow with Citori over under shotgun

Matt Bartholow showing off his Browning at the 2018 Grand. 


The Center of Trapshooting

Browning is proud to be a long time supporter of one of the greatest shooting events in the world: The Grand American World Trapshooting Championships. Not only is it the gathering place for the best of the best in American trapshooting, it is non-stop fun with people to meet and events to attend. It's a great place to be surrounded by people who love and enjoy the shooting sports as much as you do. For Browning, it's a place to learn. A laboratory of trapshooting ideas, suggestions and emerging trends. Without the flow of ideas found at the Grand, the sport we love would be something less. As it is each year, the best shooters continue to have the best tools to do their best shooting. For many of them, their "tool" of choice is a Browning shotgun. We don't take this responsibility lightly, providing a team of experts at the "Browning Building" to service the needs of all those shooting Browning guns. In addition to having a selection of all the best equipment, our building is staffed by our shooting experts to answer all your questions. Drop by if you're at the Grand this year.

Photos from the 2018 Grand American

Browning gunsmiths at work assisting Browning participants.

Gunsmiths at work assisting Browning customers

The Browning building at the Grand American offers nearly full-service gunsmithing and repair services. It's a rare thing to have problems with a specialized Browning trap gun, but our team is prepared if that ever happens. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people with Browning trap guns competing on the line each day. If we have anything to say about it, no competitor is held back from competing due to a Browning shotgun issue. Plus, attendees often bring other guns to the Grand to have our our guys do a tune-up while they're spectating at the shoot. For those who wish to try out a new or different model, the staff at the Browning building has demo guns and access to a demo field so folks can "test drive" Browning shotguns during the two weeks of the Grand American competition. 

Trap shooters on trap line with over under shotguns
Foster Bartholow holding magazine ad showing him and Matt.