What country is Browning outdoor gear and clothing (apparel) made?

Like most other major clothing/apparel/outdoor gear companies, Browning has contracted with numerous shops around the world . . . many outside the United States. Several Browning apparel factories are located in Asia. Products such as knives are made in numerous world-wide locations. A significant number of our gun safes are made in Utah (United States). Some are sourced world-wide.

The best way to know the country of origin of our Outdoor Products is to check the packaging or product labeling at a store. We encourage you to check. 

Our contracted factories undergo a rigorous process to assure that they are able to meet Browning's strict standards for quality. Quality assurance has always been a key part of the Browning philosophy. We work hard to make sure that every Browning product, regardless of where it is produced, has "Browning Quality."

The tradition of seeking out the best manufacturing facilities to produce Browning products goes back to John Moses Browning himself, who took many of his designs to the Fabrique Nationale company in Belgium at the turn of the last century. John Browning's genius for inventing firearms, combined with the exceptional quality of firearms produced at the FN factory, is what helped Browning become the legendary brand that it is today. Llegacy products such as the original Automatic 5, which was originally made in Belgium, remain a standard for quality among collectors of fine firearms. Firearms such as the Citori and X-Bolt, made at the Miroku factory in Kochi, Japan, are considered of the highest quality in the world --with the Miroku factory being considered a model factory for over 50 years -- with their facility emulated by companies within and outside the firearms industry. Today Browning continues to manufacture products at the best factories in the world, whether they be in Europe, Asia or the United States. Our slogan The Best There Is guides us, rather than any specific country of origin.

For many Browning customers knowing the country of origin is very important. Being consumers ourselves, we understand. For this reason we try to follow the best practices in identifying the country of origin for all our products on packaging or labels. If you choose to not purchase due to country of origin, we understand. But please know that we will continue to remain true to our goal of producing the best quality products at appropriate prices no matter where we must go to have them made.