What are Limited Distribution, Limited Availability, Non-Catalog Firearms?

The Browning firearms listed as 1) Limited Distribution or 2) Limited Availability, or 3) Non-Cataloged, are from a unique, special category of firearms which may not appear in current or past Browning catalogs. Generally, the are not in our printed catalog but often appear on our website in one of the places designated for these special firearms. 

These unique and rare firearms are commissioned on a special build basis by dealers or groups of dealers. They are unique variations never seen before or revivals of previously produced Browning models. They often feature special engravings, limited numbers, unique dimensions, uncommon finishes, special checkering, higher wood grades, special types of wood, and even unique features, etc.

All of the firearms are "Factory" Browning firearms in every sense of the word. They are special firearms and are almost always in very limited quantities with special design features. Most of all, they are usually available for a specific period of time. Be assured that each gun listed is an official Browning firearm produced in the same, excellent factories by the same Browning craftsmen as the regular catalog line of Browning products.

Not all Limited Distribution / Non-catalog firearms that are for sale are found in the listing, and these special guns are only listed at the request of the dealer or group of dealers who commissioned the project. .

Citori Shotgun Black Gold Combo