How does the BOSS system work?

BOSS Illustration

What is the BOSS?
Browning's Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System (BOSS) is a patented breakthrough in rifle accuracy. When any rifle is fired, the barrel goes through a series of vibrations as the bullet leaves the muzzle. The variations of these vibrations greatly affect the accuracy of the rifle. Controlling these vibrations will greatly control the accuracy of the rifle. Browning's BOSS allows you to control the vibrations of your barrel so you can shoot groups you didn't think possible.

How the BOSS works.
The BOSS simply tunes the vibrations of your barrel. This allows the bullet to leave the barrel the split second it is stationary. Your BOSS manual has a list of settings for each caliber and bullet weight. Adjusting your BOSS to these "Sweet Spot" settings allows you to find the instant your barrel is stationary. The result is accuracy never achieved before by an out-of-the-box rifle.

Boss recoil comparison chart

This type of accuracy has only been available for benchrest reloaders who spend hours developing loads that leave the barrel between vibrations, or custom gun makers who develop barrels for specific loads.

But the BOSS gives you much more than just accuracy. Depending on the caliber, the Browning BOSS system can reduce recoil by a third. This is something you will really feel.

Less recoil means quicker follow-up shots and more comfort in the field and on the range.