A superior system. There is nothing cheap about the look and feel of the X-Bolt rotary magazine. It's designed to be boringly reliable and endure the punishment that will break lookalikes from competitors. Buy an extra magazine (or two) to keep in your pocket to facilitate a quick reload when it counts. It's a perfect match for your Burnt Bronze Cerekote-finished X-Bolt rifle. 

Features and Benefits:
Detachable rotary magazine constructed from a durable lightweight polymer • Feeds cartridges directly in line with the bolt, instead of offset as with traditional leaf-spring magazines for a straight path right into the chamber • Ergonomic magazine mounted release • Magnum caliber holds three cartridges • Standard caliber holds four cartridges • Unique design holds U.S. patent numbers: 8,156,675; 8,484,875 and 8,745,912

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Item Number 112044501 UPC 023614843771
Caliber 10MM Weight 1.6 oz
MSRP $69.99
Item Number 112044502 UPC 023614843788
Caliber 26 NOSLER Weight 1.6 oz
MSRP $69.99
Item Number 112044503 UPC 023614843795
Weight 1.6 oz MSRP $69.99
Item Number 112044504 UPC 023614843801
Weight 1.6 oz MSRP $69.99
Item Number 112044505 UPC 023614843818
Weight 1.6 oz MSRP $69.99
Item Number 112044506 UPC 023614843825
Weight 1.6 oz MSRP $69.99
Item Number 112044507 UPC 023614694137
Material Plastic Color Black
Caliber 28 NOSLER Capacity 3
Magazine Feed Style Direct Length 0"
Weight 6.4 oz MSRP $69.99

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