BAR Rifle Magazine – DBM Models Only

Staggered detachable box magazine for BAR DBM models only. Not compatible with BAR Hog Stalker rifles. Holds a maximum of 10 cartridges.  MSRP: $89.99

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  • Detachable box magazine for BAR DBM models
  • Capacity is ten cartridges
  • Does not fit BAR rifles with the hinged floorplate design
  • Does not fit BAR Hog Stalker rifles
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This magazine is made for BAR rifles designed for extended detachable box magazines. These are special versions only and designated as the BAR DBM in 308 caliber. Please note that it does not fit similar models such as the Hog Stalker. 

The BAR is a legendary semi-automatic hunting rifle. When the specialized DBM version of the BAR was introduced it offered the advantage of a full 10 rounds of 308 Win. This is a fun rifle to shoot and can be an excellent hog rifle.

Item Number 112025056 UPC 023614486589
Caliber 308 WIN Capacity 10
Weight 3.2 oz MSRP $89.99