Shotgun Invector Plus Choke Tubes

STANDARD INVECTOR, INVECTOR-PLUS AND INVECTOR-DS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Make sure you know the system that fits your shotgun before proceeding.  For advice on choosing a choke tube appropriate for your shotgun READ MORE HERE. 

Invector-Plus started the long choke tube revolution. An ever-growing collection of world, national and local championships is proof of its patterning performance.
The Invector-Plus choke tube system works with Vector Pro and Back-Bored Technology to offer consistent, dense shot patterns and are available in the ideal constriction for any shooting situation.
The longer choke taper inside an Invector-Plus choke tube produces consistent patterns and is far more durable than choke systems in competitors' guns, especially with steel shot.
Threads on the breech end of the choke tube help prevent gases from slipping between the choke tube and barrel that could damage the choke tube and the barrel.
Invector-Plus is standard on 12 and 20 gauge Maxus, Citori, Cynergy, Silver, BPS and BT-99 models.

Invector-Plus Choke Tubes. The system that made Browning the clear market leader. 

Browning Shotgun Invector Plus Barrel Markings
On many shotguns, look for a barrel stamp that says "Invector Plus" like the one pictured above on autoloading and pump shotguns or on the monobloc of breakaway shotguns.
  • Invector-Plus (Invector +) choke tubes fit only Browning shotguns with Invector Plus (+) on the barrel(s) or monobloc.
  • Found on 12 and 20 gauge Browning shotguns, Invector-Plus choke tubes have been a mainstay of Browning performance for over 20 years.
  • Multi-gauge sets found on Citori over and under shotguns will often have a mix of Invector-Plus (12 and 20 gauge) and Standard Invector (16 and 28 gauge and .410 bore).

Invector-Plus Shotgun Choke Tubes