Shotgun Invector-DS Choke Tubes

STANDARD INVECTOR, INVECTOR-PLUS AND INVECTOR-DS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Make sure you know the system that fits your shotgun before proceeding.  For advice on choosing a choke tube appropriate for your shotgun READ MORE HERE. 

“DS” stands for double-seal, our proprietary differential-banded brass seal. It compresses against the barrel wall to keep the choke tube threads clean and makes installation and removal easier than any other muzzle thread system.

Invector-DS choke tubes combine muzzle-end threads and thin-wall construction for a longer, more gradually tapered choke tube that produces extremely consistent, dense shot patterns.

From Cylinder to Extra Full, Invector-DS shot patterns tighten consistently in reliable, evenly scaled steps.

Muzzle-end threads minimize the flare at the end of the barrel for improved shotgun appearance. A slightly lighter overall barrel weight is achieved for a faster swing and improved balance.

The more gradual taper of Invector-DS choke tubes reduces shot deformation for fewer flyers and gaps in the pattern and allows higher shot velocities for hard-hitting performance.

Invector-DS is standard on A5 and Citori 725 models.

Invector-DS Choke Tubes. The newest and most advanced Browning choke tubes

Browning Shotgun Invector-DS Choke Tubes Barrel Marking
On many shotguns, look for a barrel or monobloc stamp that says "Invector DS" like the one pictured above.
  • Invector-DS choke tubes fit only Browning shotguns with Invector-DS marked on the barrel(s) of autoloading and pump models or the monobloc of breakaway models.
  • They are much longer than other Browning choke tubes and have threads on the muzzle end of the tube.
  • DO NOT buy Invector-DS choke tubes if you have a shotgun marked Invector Plus (+) or Standard Invector. 

Invector-DS Shotgun Choke Tubes