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The Shotgun That Thinks it's a Rifle

Deer, bear and boar hunting with a shotgun is growing by leaps and bounds, and the A-Bolt shotgun is ready to meet the rising interest. it shares many of the same features that made the A-Bolt rifle so popular, including the high level of accuracy.

A-Bolt Shotguns are rugged and accurate.

If shotguns and sabots are big game necessities where you live, now is the time to experience the feel and accuracy of a bolt-action shotgun for whitetail hunting. Browning A-Bolt Shotguns look, handle and feel like our venerable A-Bolt rifle with the same fast-cycling 60° bolt lift, easy-to-reach top-tang safety, detachable box magazine and sweet trigger feel. An adjustable rear sight and fiber-optic front sight are included, plus the receiver is tapped for scope mounts. Want hard-hitting accuracy from a shotgun? Start shooting the A-Bolt Shotgun today.

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A-Bolt Shotgun Action Image

The smooth, anti-bind performance of our  A-Bolt centerfire rifles is also found in the  A-Bolt Shotgun action.


A-Bolt Shotgun Barrel Image

The A-Bolt Shotgun features a fully rifled 1 in 28" twist barrel designed exclusively for use with sabot-type slugs. You can expect superb accuracy with the A-Bolt shotgun — 1½" groups or better are typical at 100 yards.

Detachable Magazine

A-Bolt Shotgun Detachable Magazine Image

A detachable magazine on a hinged floorplate allows you to quickly reload. Extra magazines can be carried for fast reloading. (Two shell capacity.)


The rugged composite stock features the familiar right-hand palm swell pistol grip of the A-Bolt rifle. Checkered gripping surfaces provide a good grip.