Wide Angle and Wide Angle Plus

Flashlight Beam Technology

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Wide Angle beam produces a very bright soft light that evenly illuminates your work area and helps soften harsh shadows.

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Wide Angle Plus produces both a wide-angle and a long-distance beam at the same time or separately to provide 180° of extended light coverage.

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The Advantages of a Wide Angle Flashlight Beam

Browning is among the first in the outdoor industry to offer Wide Angle and Wide Angle Plus technology for hunting lights. 

When working close-up, such as when you are dressing or caping game, getting into a treestand or walking on a rough trail, a wider view of your surroundings is an advantage. Wide Angle technology uses a special combination of lenses, diffusers and LEDs to produce a softer light that fills your surrounding space with 180° of illumination. With Wide Angle Plus, you get the soft white, up-close illumination benefits of Wide Angle, with the addition of a focused spot beam for greater detail at a distance.

Lights with Wide Angle and Wide Angle Plus are game-changers for the kind of detailed, close-in work hunters engage in. A full selection of Browning flashlights, cap lights and headlamps are available with Wide Angle or Wide Angle Plus technology. 

Current Browning Lights with Wide Angle and Wide Angle Plus Technology