Silvadur — Scent Control Hunting Clothing


Minimizing human odors in the field is a vital component of hunting.

SILVADUR™ technology neutralizes the growth of odors on fabrics, helping to keep odors hidden from the sharp senses of game animals.

Fabrics treated with SILVADUR™ technology provide long-lasting odor control.


SILVADUR™ antimicrobial fresh technology performs intelligently to provide exceptional odor control. This technology offers a freshness that remains active through 50 washings or more. And, you can feel secure in knowing your hunting clothing provides intelligent freshness that won’t harm you, your family or the environment.


SILVADUR™ long lasting antimicrobial technology unites the elemental powers of silver ions with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial.

Through state of the art engineering, SILVADUR™ utilizes a proprietary, safe polymer that complexes silver ions into a durable antimicrobial that prevents microorganism reproduction.


SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is a homogenous mixture containing fully soluble silver ions and fully soluble polymer in a mixture of water and/or ethanol. The silver component is not present as detectable individual metal particles of any size, but rather as dissolved chemical ions.

What does this mean? A simple way to think of it would be to imagine an aqueous solution containing sodium and chloride ions (this could be easily prepared by dissolving table salt in water). No solid particles of table salt remain in this situation, as no solid particles of silver are present when using SILVADUR™ antimicrobial.

A nano antimicrobial technology maintains and utilizes silver metals... or, you may think of it as the table salt not dissolving in water.


EFFICACY TESTS  -- SILVADUR™ treated fabrics were tested vs. a control (untested) fabric and measured for overall reduction in bacteria. Fabrics were tested using ISO 20743 Test Method with Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922). Tests independently performed by the International Antimicrobial Council

Extensive field testing in real-world hunting conditions proved out the technology for the conditions you experience when hunting.