Steel Shot Performance — Shotgun Barrels

The strength of a Browning barrel is legendary, and is built to handle the punishment of steel shot. Unlike some manufacturers’ barrels whose guns face an uncertain future after shooting steel, we have long been at the forefront of dependable steel shot performance and durability. Our barrels meet the strictest material and construction quality standards. The barrel blanks are made from rolled and tempered steel bars and are stress relieved to offer exceptional mechanical properties. The barrel blanks are then precision drilled, reamed and honed to exacting specifications. With proper care, a Browning barrel will last a lifetime.

Competitor's forcing cone damaged by steel shot.

The forcing cone of the competition is pitted and damaged beyond repair after 500 rounds of steel shot.

Forcing cone on Browning shotgun barrel showing no damage with steel shot after 500 rounds.

After 500 rounds of steel shot, the higher quality Browning barrel shows no wear.