Turnkey Magazine Plug — Semi-Auto Shotguns

Turnkey Magazine Plug — Semi-Auto Shotguns

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With most shotguns, the process of installing or removing a magazine plug is a chore. Not so with Browning shotguns fitted with the Turnkey Magazine Plug System. The innovative, patent-pending Turnkey Magazine Plug is quickly removed using any vehicle key. Combined with the Speed Lock Forearm, the magazine plug can be removed from the Maxus in just a few seconds.

Many people leave their magazine plug in all the time. Others, who are not waterfowlers, take theirs out for good. A few good reasons to be able to remove and reinstall yours easily might be:

  • You are using your Browning with Turnkey for hunting deer with slugs -- and it is the same gun you use for waterfowl.
  • You hunt snow geese in the late seasons when no plug is required You hunt upland game in places where no plug is required and you will want more than three shots if you bust up a covey.
  • You are out west hunting jackrabbits (which don't require a plug in your gun) and you are hunting waterfowl during the same time of year.

Whatever your reason, finally the hassle is gone when it comes to swapping your plug in and out. It is always good before every hunt requiring your plug to check it before you case your gun and load up. Of course, this is easy with the Browning Turnkey Magazine Plug. In the video shown here, one of Browning's senior design engineers demonstrates the Turnkey system on a Browning A5 shotgun.