Power Drive Gas System — Maxus Shotguns

Power Drive gas system logo.

Gas-operated shotguns offer the performance advantages of reduced recoil and faster operation, and the Power Drive Gas System in the Maxus and Maxus II shotgun outperforms every other shotgun built.

Years of extensive research, prototyping and testing have resulted in a gas piston that has been designed to be more reliable in all conditions, fire a wider selection of loads, reduce recoil and cycle shells faster. The Power Drive gas piston features large exhaust ports that effectively dump gases faster on heavy loads, while the piston has an approximately 20% longer stroke for superior reliability with light loads.

An all-new, patented, enclosed seal design keeps powder residue out of the action for cleaner, reliable operation.  This — combined with the piston's longer stroke travel — makes it particularly reliable with light loads. Power Drive equals outstanding performance.

Power Drive gas system in the semi-auto Maxus shotgun diagram.