Rotary Magazine

Several Browning firearms feature a rotary style magazine. They are distinguised by the fact that the cartridges make a circular path as the move from the "bottom" of the magazine to the top position. The Browning X-Bolt and the Browning T-Bolt are current models featuring rotary magazines. The advantage of a rotary magazine, versus one which offsets every other round to the right and left it that the cartridge is always presented perfectly in the middle. There is no left/right bias similar to a single stack magazine.

X-Bolt Magazines. They are constructed from a durable lightweight polymer, the magazine is designed to feed cartridges directly in-line with the bolt, instead of offset as with traditional leaf-spring magazines, for a straight shot right into the chamber. An ergonomic magazine-mounted release lets the magazine rotate directly downward and into your hand. The magazine sits flush with the bottom of the rifle for a sleeker appearance. Additional magazines can be kept loaded and carried in your pocket or pack for easy access.

X-Bolt Rotary Magazine

X-Bolt Rotary Magazine. 

T-Bolt Double Helix Rotary Magazine.

T-Bolt Double Helix Rotary Magazine. 

T-Bolt Magazines. The T-Bolt rifle also incoporates a variation on the rotary magazine. In this case, a dual design allows a very trim magazine while still offering the maximum rounds practical. Cartridges actually rotate in one direction around the lower portion of the magazine, then transfer to the top portion and eventually into the postion for chambering. This is an extremely reliable deisign that packs ten rounds in a very small space. The positioning of the cartridge perfectly in alignment with the chamber each time adds to reliabiliy and can aid accuracy by assuring a smoother, straighter path to the chamber.