Reactar G2

Reactar G2 recoil reduction system logo.

REACTAR™ is short for REcoil ACTion ARrestor. A breakthrough in perceived recoil reduction, REACTAR is now  a proven technology for reducing the physiological effects of ballistic recoil. REACTER G2 pads are a mere 8 millimeters thick, lightweight, comform to the shooters body, and are constructed from a patented environmentally-friendly Impact Gel™ which reduces peak recoil.

Browning has integrated this technology into our shooting and hunting clothing, from sporting/hunting vests and jackets and shirts, to clothing designed for lawful concealed carry, through the use of unobtrusive pockets or compartments designed to hold the standard 3 3/4" x 7" pad. These recoil pads can be transferred easily between your shooting and hunting clothing, but will remain where you need them when you pull the trigger of your long gun.