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Browning has a long-standing tradition of delivering innovative outdoor products that meet the demands of hunters. Our leading-edge approach runs the gamut of the industry, from technologies that improve rifle accuracy to innovations that tighten shot patterns to the newest technical fabrics that optimize stealth and flexibility in our outdoor clothing. In every respect, Browning leads the way in advancements in the hunting industry and make your time spent in the field more successful. Now, we've directed our attention to the art of concealment in the wild with Browning OVIX camouflage. At its core, OVIX is another feat of Browning innovation – developed to be versatile and highly effective in a variety of environments, types of terrain and seasons. Consider OVIX to be a revolutionary addition on every hunt.

The art of OVIX is the intentionally-placed brown, gray and green hues that succeed in doing what all camo patterns strive to do – break up the outline of the wearer at any distance and make the human form indistinguishable. To create OVIX, we used color analysis, strategic shading and incorporated shape manipulation to create a consistent pattern of concealment and optical movement. The color pallet utilizes high contrast to break up shapes during engagements at the closer ranges that bow hunters require. At greater distances, the shapes blend to create a natural mirage rather than a dark “blob” that is common in many camo patterns. A combination of atmospheric optics and white light color scattering create the essential background to this revolutionary camouflage pattern. The effectiveness of OVIX has been evaluated extensively by our Pro Staff and proven successful on elk, moose, whitetail and mule deer and even varmint hunts. 

With a full line of rifles, outdoor clothing for every season and a variety of accessories all clad in OVIX camouflage, Browning offers what other companies can't – a total concealment package that has been assembled to keep you hidden from keen vision and wary natural instincts. From rocky, open terrain to a tree stand in fall leaves, from bugling bulls to grunting whitetail, OVIX camouflage is a natural choice for concealment.

Hunting Clothing A-Tacs camo logo
Ovix Camouflage




Browning is well-known for producing innovative, high-quality outdoor apparel for hunters. Now, we've expanded into the realm of concelament with OVIX camouflage. Learn more about Browning gear and the effectiveness of OVIX in this article from North American Whitetail.

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Hunter wearing OVIX camo harvesting bull elk
OVIX has been thoroughly tested and is proven to work in a variety of environments for deer, elk, moose and more.
Hunter wearing OVIX camo and blaze in winter
Highly versatile OVIX camouflage is designed for hunting big game in a variety of conditions.
Hunter wearing OVIX camo aiming an X-Bolt rifle on a cliff
OVIX was developed using the true colors and shadow found in the outdoors to break-up the human shape.