Hero Fit — Hunting Clothing

Herofit hunting clothing logo.

Get the Right Fit for your Style

HeroFit is designed for hunters who take their sport and gear seriously. Light and fast is key with HeroFit. Trim dimensions and tough, stretchable fabrics work together to maximize mobility.

  • Jacket fit is taken to the extreme with a narrow shoulder line and downward taper from the shoulders to the hips that adds range of motion in the arms and minimizes fabric bunching.
  • Trimmer sleeves eliminate excess bulk that can snag on guns or ca tch bow strings.
  • Pants are carefully tailored to maximize range of motion and comfort when walking and high s tepping over obstacles.
  • Narrower hip and thigh areas reduce bulk and add comfort when sitting for extended periods of time .
Hunter in Herofit clothing setup on shooting sticks with X-Bolt rifle.

Hell's Canyon SPEED has HeroFit.

Herofit jacket diagram.
Herofit sizing chart.

These Hell's Canyon SPEED items are good examples of HeroFit.  Exceptional Extra-Athletic Cut tailoring reduces bulk for a lighter weight garment without sacrificing mobility.

Hell's Canyon vest with Herofit.
Hell's Canyon Speed hunting pant with Herofit.
Hell's Canyon Speed hunting jacket with Herofit.