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Baron Technology, Inc. is the largest and most versatile independent finishing company in the United States dedicated to decorative and industrial engraving of high-value, three-dimensional products. Browning has partnered with Baron on many key, high-end embellished firearms and other products over the years.

The combination of their creative design services through the Baron Art Studio and processing through Baron Engraving provides us with the opportunity to enhance the appearance, value and profitability of our firearms and other products. Merging hand-engraving techniques used for centuries with today’s ever expanding technology, Baron transforms a blank platform into a work of art, adding further value to your product and appeal to customers.

We know that Baron takes great pride in the stellar reputation that they have forged within the manufacturing community through the past 30 years of experience and dedicated, quality service. Browning products -- especially firearms -- shown on our website that include work done at our request by Baron are considered many of our finest. Baron is considered a partner with Browning in the creation of products that are "The Best There Is."