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Browning AURIC - A Complete System of Concealment for Waterfowl Hunters

Browning AURIC - A Complete System of Concealment for Waterfowl Hunters

From the very beginning, Browning has always been at the forefront of innovation in the outdoor industry. When it comes to outdoor clothing, we were among the first to bring  the newest fabrics that utilized waterproof/breathable technology and stretch flexibility to optimize protection in the field and keep hunters comfortable and successful in your relentless pursuits. Once again, we've directed our attention to the art of concealment in the wild, this time with the waterfowl hunter in mind. 

Browning AURIC Concealment is a technical interpretation of wetland and dry grass terrain from an aerial point of view, specifically engineered to displace the hard silhouette of the human shape during overhead and fly by encounters. AURIC utilizes a combination of naturally-occuring colors and abstract shapes that cause vertical and horizontal disruption that confuses waterfowl and prevents them from pinpointing colors and shapes that naturally draw focus.

At farther distances, the yellow and tan colors overtake the darker browns and cause a color-blending effect. Additionally, atmospheric optics and white-light color scattering react with the yellows and tans to reduce any optical footprint. During cold front weather systems, AURIC exploits MIE lighting to replicate a hazy or washed out appearance for even greater effectiveness.

The primary end use for AURIC is cut fields and wetland environments so, in addition to it being available on many of our shotguns, it only made sense to reimagine our line of Wicked Wing apparel and waterfowl accessories to include AURIC. The new line of Wicked Wing apparel runs the gamut from versatile 4 in 1 parkas to lightweight pieces that are ideal for layering or as an outer layer. 

With a full line of shotguns, outdoor clothing, and a variety of accessories all clad in AURIC camouflage, Browning has assembled a concealment package to keep you hidden from keen vision and wary natural instincts. From the layout blind to the boat blind to the clump of saltgrass around an icy pond, AURIC camouflage is a natural choice for concealment.

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AURIC Camouflage


From saltgrass and cattails to cut corn, we've developed AURIC to help you disappear in a wide variety of waterfowl environments.
A wide selection of AURIC camouflage outerwear and layering pieces are available to keep you hunting in a variety of conditions.
AURIC was developed using the true colors and shadow found in the outdoors to break-up the human shape and keep you hidden from eyes overhead.