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Built from rugged and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the A5 receiver’s shape is more than a throwback for the sake of nostalgia. The familiar humpback receiver profile melds seamlessly with the rib to extend your sight plane, aiding in natural sight alignment for quicker target acquisition and more accurate shooting.

It is much like the difference in accuracy between a pistol and an open sight rifle. The longer site plane of a rifle aids in keeping you on the target by making it easier for you to make the mostly-instinctive changes to sight alignment as you try to stay on the target. And it works. The longer sight plane of the A5 does the same -- helping you to reduced movement along the sight plane as you swing and pull the trigger. The extra-long, flat sight plane was unique to the original A5 and it is back today.

A5 Semi-Auto Shotgun Humpback acquisition advantage