Willi Schmidt

Host of Pure Hunting TV

Willi Schmidt is among that special breed of hunters who want to do it on their own. Just like most of us. That's why you'll want to join Willi on his quest to discover the last, best, Pure Hunting adventures left in America—and beyond—that any hunter can find, afford and conquer … if they’re determined enough to do it.

The American hunter is often facing greater difficulty achieving having hunting success, and one of the big reasons why is the perceived lack of great hunting destinations that are still accessible by the average Joe. But one man has set out to change that perception. Willi Schmidt is on a mission to prove that unspoiled, free-range, accessible and affordable hunting still exists all over this great nation if you have the will, know-how, creativity and guts to find and conquer it.

Each week, as host of the TV show Pure Hunting, Willi and his friends will head out with a modest budget to discover the undiscovered, and to show American hunters how--with a little ingenuity and a willingness to go the extra mile--they too can still find Pure Hunting destinations for America’s most sought-after species.

Finding pure hunting opportunities at a reasonable price almost always means doing it themselves: no hormone-fed deer picked out ahead of time; no fences to keep animals in; no wine and cheese catered lunch or comfy beds in a five-star lodge; no guides scouting for them ahead of time; no luxury blinds to keep warm in while waiting for someone else to tell them when to pull the trigger; and no 4-wheelers to haul out the kill from the middle of nowhere. Instead, it means testing their wits and preparation against animal instincts, their guts and determination against unpredictable elements and wild terrain; and their physical and mental toughness pushed to the limit in pursuit of the ultimate prize: an experience worthy of being called Pure Hunting.

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Willi Schmidt with X-Bolt and Pronghorn
Willi Shcmidt with X-Bolt Rifle

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Watch the original Pure Hunting teaser and then set your DVR to catch all the episodes. If you are the kind of hunter who wants to prove you can do it the old fashioned way -- through hard work -- then Willi has a few things he can show you with his exceptional TV show. As we say around here, "Willi Schmidt is my kind of hunter." He can be yours too. 

Willi Schmidt at camp with friends