Andrew Vavra, Bob St. Pierre and Anthony Hauck — Pheasants Forever

Andrew Vavra, Bob St. Pierre and Anthony Hauck are the hosts of Pheasant Forever’s Rooster Road Trip, an exciting online event that takes hunters road tripping across the country, hunting exclusively on public land, in pursuit of America’s most popular upland game bird.

But their dedication to hunting and conservation goes well beyond the entertainment industry. Andrew is a published writer, accomplished blogger and serves as the Marketing Manager for Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever. Bob is also a well-known radio personality, blogger and spends his non-hunting hours as the Vice President of Marketing at Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever. Anthony leads the organization’s communications efforts as the Director of Public Relations and voice behind all of the organization’s social media channels and blogs.  

Together, the trio represents America’s die-hard bird hunters in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.  While they share a passion for the uplands, they favor different breeds and styles of bird dogs.  Vavra is proud to represent America’s most popular breed as owner of a yellow Labrador retriever, Beau.  St.Pierre has hunted behind pointing breeds his entire life and has two German shorthaired pointers, Trammell and Esky.  Hauck’s fabulous pair of English Cocker spaniels – Sprig and Smidge – are bird hunting heavyweights wrapped in a tiny package. 

Go to to view Rooster Road Trip videos and read about the trios travels across Pheasant Country in pursuit of public lands roosters. While there, join Pheasants Forever to help ensure habitat, hunting access, and wild populations of flushing ringnecks.


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Bob St. Pierre with dog and pheasant
Andrew Vavra with dog and pheasant.
Anthony Hauck with dog and pheasant

Top to bottom: Bob St. Pierre, Andrew Vavra, and Anthony Hauck