Fred Zink

Host of Avian X TV Show

Browning Pro Staff member Fred Zink founded Zink Calls™ in 2001, primarily to fulfill the needs of waterfowlers and professional callers who demanded high-end calls. Fred is working hard to help make the calls that help duck and goose callers move to the next level of proficiency. He sees successful calling as putting more birds on the ground and making memories that can last a lifetime. 

A nationally recognized goose caller in his own right, Zink’s business continues to grow and set new standards in the hunting call industry. Along with his wife Dawn, Fred has a full-time staff of 10 who share his vision of what hunting and calling can be. Along with an extensive line of waterfowl calls, Fred has also started producing calls for the predator and turkey hunter.  Zink’s high-octane 24/7 DVD series is designed to speak to hunters with exciting footage that shares the hunting experience with the viewers.

In 2011, look for Fred to be shooting the Browning Maxus® as he continues his quest to bring new hunters, both men and women, into the sport and grow the outdoor industry.

So how did Zink and Browning come tegether. It is a case of mutual admiration. Zink Calls are considered among the best in the world and his duck calls and goose calls have passed the toughest tests. Today, his complete line of calls, including Turkey, live up to and expectation of premium quality and extreme durability. These are the same ideals held by Browning.

Fred Zink in marsh with decoys

The History of Fred Zink and His Duck Calls

. "I saw a demand - a want - for custom goose and duck calls among both field hunters and competitive callers," said Zink, himself a nationally-recognized goose caller. "That and I wanted very much to promote the sport of hunting within the ranks of our country's young people. We as outdoor manufacturers owe it to ourselves and the hunting community to do everything we can to recruit, educate, and encourage young outdoors people."

But Zink hasn't created his calling empire alone. "My wife, Dawn," said Zink, "oversees all of the operations of the business. She keeps us all focused, addresses the vital day-to-day aspects of the business, and ensures that Zink Calls always is headed in a positive direction.

In the Fred Zink video, provided by Ducks Unlimited's YouTube channel, Zink gives a few pointers on building a good blind.