Driven TV With Pat & Nicole

Driven TV With Pat & Nicole



To all our fans from Pat and Nicole Reeve: We are kicking off another great season of Driven with Pat & Nicole and this season promises to be our best yet.  Everything seemed to come together for us this year. We journeyed to some of the most spectacular hunting locations in North America and captured epic hunting footage of some of the most magnificent animals that we have ever encountered.  Coming off a successful 2018, where Driven was awarded the top honor of Best Overall Production by the Outdoor Sportsman Group, we knew taking it up another level would be tough, but I think we did just that. 

Nicole's first Dall Sheep in the rugged Mackenzie Mountain Range in the Northwest Territories (the season premiere), Pat's enormous Bull Moose in the Yukon taken with his bow, and our daughter Isabel's biggest buck ever which she harvested on our property in Minnesota, are just a few of the highlights.  Also, we've stepped up our educational focus with dedicated to property management tips and how to attract the biggest deer on our and the viewer's properties. 

Our anchor airing on Outdoor Channel is still Tuesday night at 9:30 PM EST.  In addition, we will have 4 bonus airings including Saturday morning at 11:30 AM, Thursday at 5:30 PM, Wednesday at 8:00 AM and Wednesday at 4:30 AM.   O

Also, we are excited to announce the launch of Driven with Pat & Nicole on Sportsman Channel Canada where the show will air weekly at Sunday at 7:30 PM, Wednesday at 8:30 PM, Saturday at 2:30 PM and Monday at 6:00 AM.  

Browning is proud to have Pat and Nicole Reeve as part of the Browning team.

Being Driven to Succeed…Driven to Persevere… and Driven to Never Give Up has been the motto and key to success for Pat and Nicole Reeve.

Both Pat and Nicole got their start in hunting at a very early age and were taught how to hunt from whom they looked up to the most, their fathers.
Nicole shot her first deer at the age of six and since then has put many record book animals on the ground and all of them being on film. Her personal best is 195” whitetail from her home state of Illinois and her highlight to her career came when she spot 'n stalked a Male Lion in Africa with her bow at 25 yards.
Pat has been hunting for more than thirty-seven years and has an unmatched track record of taking some of the largest whitetails in the world. Pat has anchored over seventy-five record book bucks all on camera and currently holds the record for harvesting the largest typical ever on video. The massive 5×5 scores an unbelievable 200” gross and net scored 192 3/8 and was taking on November 14, 2005 in Illinois.

Pat and Nicole’s Drive has never waivered since the beginning and has lead them to the top of the ratings chart on the Outdoor Channel and has impressively honored them with twenty-one Golden Moose Award nominations and five wins thus far in the past four years.

Nobody knows where the roadmap to life will take Pat & Nicole, but they admit, “When your facing the right direction, even the roughest path can lead to the top”.

It’s those moments of success that keeps them going…. that keeps them Driven!