Catchin' Deers


"Y'all catch any deers?" he says strolling through the front door.

It was deer camp…in Kentucky. You can’t say stuff like that and get away with it; even as the new guy. Austin was the brunt end of jokes all week, and then again the following year when we showed up to opening weekend with 6 black and white foam trucker hats with “CATCHIN’ DEERS on em’… The lads loved them. We knew they would. What we didn’t know is that the rest of the world would love em’ too.

Everywhere we went including stores, airports and Banana Pudding Festivals (that’s a real thing), people would approach us in droves asking us where we got our hats. Hunters identified deeply with the terrible terminology.

So, we made a few more hats and came up with an idea to spread the word. We would make a video. It was gonna be funny, staying true to what the hats represent to us: good times with the lads.

Rut Daniels with elk and rifle