Rick and Julie Kreuter

Co-Hosts of Beyond the Hunt TV

Husband and wife hunting duo Rick and Julie Kreuter host Beyond the Hunt. This unique program follows this dynamic pair on more than just their hunting adventures, it also focuses on wildlife conservation and land management. Rick grew up in the outdoors of Wyoming and adventure has been a part of his life from an early age. After graduating from college, Rick received his guide license and soon became an outfitter full time. Julie has also had a love of the outdoors from her earliest days in Nebraska. She and Rick were married after she received her degree in Physical Therapy. As their outfitter business grew, so did their success and popularity, and after 16 years of guiding hunters, Beyond the Hunt is their own adventure.

Beyond the Hunt — Julie Kreuter with Bull Elk and X-Bolt Max Rifle

Julie. Although hunting wasn’t a priority when she was young, spending time in the outdoors was.  ”The ranching way of life is a great way to grow up” says Julie.  ”I was either horseback checking cows, driving a tractor in the hayfield, or flying in the super cub with dad checking summer ranges.”

After receiving her degree in Physical Therapy, Rick and Julie were married soon after.  While continuing to work in the field of Physical Therapy, Julie also took on some of the guiding and cooking responsibilities of their outfitting business.  She is now a co-host of Beyond The Hunt TV.

”As a hunter and coming from a Physical Therapy background, it’s important to me to stay in the best shape I can be”, says Julie. “I love being active and getting out and hiking my legs out from under me! There’s something pretty amazing about your spirit, just when your body says you’ve had enough, you have to tell your mind….more! That’s what I love about hunting, the challenge to do something I didn’t think I could do!”

Beyond the Hunt — Rick Kreuter with Whitetail Deer and X-Bolt

Rick. For the Kreuters’, the outdoors were always a part of family events.  ”Hunting, fishing, hiking, cross country skiing….it’s just what we did”, says Rick.

After earning a college degree in Physical Therapy and dedicating a few years to that profession, Rick also became licensed as a professional hunting guide in his home state of Wyoming.  As the outfitting business grew, Rick stepped away from the Physical Therapy clinic and devoted all of his time to his new business, RK Outfitters.

Life in the outdoors was just what Rick was looking for, however the opportunity to host and produce a nationally televised hunting show came at a surprise.  After 16 years of guiding hunters, Beyond The Hunt became the next phase in Rick’s life in the outdoors.

Today, Beyond The Hunt is an award-winning production airing on Outdoor Channel.  Not too bad for a kid growing up in small town, USA!

Beyond the Hunt Logo
Rick and Julie Kreuter in Browning clothing.

Watch Beyond the Hunt, with Rick and Julie Kreuter on the Outdoor Channel. 

Julie Kreuter on horse in river