Abby Casey


Living the outdoor life generally leads you to Browning. At least it has for Abby Casey. Few have achieved so much of their personal dream more quickly than she has. And along the way, Abby has worked hard to let us all in on the fun with her social posts. 

Abby explains it this way: "Identifying one’s passion is hard enough, let alone successfully working within your passion, a lifelong dream for most. I was lucky enough to find a strong connection to the outdoors at a very young age, which led me to my career in the outdoor industry. Like many of us I was introduced into the outdoors by my father. He was able to instill in me the importance of conservation and protection of the great outdoors as a child."

Abby Casey
Abby Casey social posts

"My first opportunity in the outdoor industry was an internship at Realtree Outdoors.  After my internship and learning the ropes in the video department, I was hired as a videographer, YouTube manager and editor at Realtree.  During my time there I developed and hosted a fun fast-paced YouTube series called Realtree life. From the Realtree life series, I was scouted to host and help build the outdoor portion of the then-new media company, Rated Red. In my two years at Rated Red, I hosted over 600 videos and produced over 30 pieces in the field.  

"Now I have recently started on a new adventure as I create content about the outdoors under my own brand AC Outdoors. Here I plan to develop a diverse audience to whom I can communicate the value of conservation and the outdoor adventure lifestyle." 

Abby Casey holding 1911-380


  • 2019, Browning social media enthusiast and Pro Staffer
  • Attended the United States Air Force Academy
  • Graduated from Columbus State University with Bachelors or Science 
  •  NCAA Riflery Athlete 
  • Videographer/Producer for Realtree Outdoors 
  • Realtree Life Host 
  • Outdoor host for Rated Red
  • Producer/ Videographer Rated Red
  • 2018 POMA Pinnacle Broadcast award winner 
  • Social Media Director/Content Creator for Fluid Peak Collective
  • Media Team Leader/Host for Ridge Road Outdoors
  • Product Host/Writer for KLIM
Abby Casey holding a turkey