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Maxus All-Purpose, Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity
Dura-Touch camo finish, aluminum alloy receiver, Lightning Trigger, Speed Lock Forearm, Power Drive Gas System, autoloader shotgun
Gauge Variations
  Ga     Barrel Len. Weight MSRP
12 Ga 3 1/2"  26" 7 lbs 1 oz $1,679.99
Features For: 12 Ga , 3 1/2", 26" Barrel [ Print Features ]
 Item Number
12 Ga
Chamber Length
3 1/2"
Barrel Length
Overall Length
47 1/4"
Length of Pull
14 1/4"
Drop at Comb
1 3/4"
Drop at Heel
7 lbs 1 oz
Magazine Capacity
Rib Width
Barrel Finish
Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
Stock Finish
Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
Chokes Included
Extra Full, Full, Modified, Improved Cylinder
Receiver Finish
Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
Dura Touch Finish
Chamber Finish
Chrome Plated Chamber
Front Sight
HiViz Magnetic Combo
Choke System
Invector-Plus Flush
Barrel Material
Stock Material
Recoil Pad
Inflex 1, Small with Hard Heel Insert
Textured Grip Panels
Sling Swivel Studs
Receiver Material
Aluminum Alloy
Trigger Finish
Gold Plated
Trigger Guard Finish
Matte Black
Bolt Slide Finish
Brushed Nickel
Magazine Type
Trigger Material
Trigger Guard Material
Trigger Guard Engraving
Buck Mark in Gold
Choke Wrench Included
Flat Wrench
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If you could only own one shotgun . . . 

In a perfect world, we'd have a different shotgun for every game animal or shooting discipline we're interested in. Unfortunately, not all of us have bank accounts to accommodate our whims. If you can only own one shotgun, it should be reliable, accurate, and should be capable of more than just busting clays on the weekends. The Maxus All-Purpose is that shotgun. This is one gun that has a pretty good chance of seeing geese falling among a 100 decoys in cut corn, ducks cupping their wings toward a blind, a pheasant rising from the end of a field and a tom strutting his stuff . . . all in one lifetime. Yours.

A solid foundation.

The Maxus has already proven itself to be the most comfortable autoloader on the market, with less muzzle rise and less measured recoil than the competition. Beyond comfort and ergonomics, it's extremely accurate with a faster trigger lock time than our competitors and Browning's Total Barrel Dynamics. The reliability of the Maxus is unquestionable - the advanced PowerDrive gas system cycles a wide range of loads, from light target loads to heavy goose loads, buck shot and slugs.

Other nice touches that set it apart.

The Dura-Touch armor coating in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is comfortable, and will blend in for hunting turkey, deer and even waterfowl. Lightning Trigger, TurnKey, Speed Lock, Invector Plus -- all contribute to what just may be autoloader perfection.


  • Receiver - Strong, lightweight aluminum alloy • Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • Barrel - Lightweight profile • Flat, ventilated rib
  • Action - Gas-operated autoloader • 3 1/2" chamber • Power Drive Gas System reduces recoil and cycles a wide range of loads
  • Stock - Composite stock with close radius pistol grip • Speed Lock Forearm • Textured gripping surfaces • Shim adjustable for length of pull, cast and drop • Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Infinity™ camo finish • Dura-Touch® Armor Coating
  • Features - Turnkey Magazine PlugVector Pro™ lengthened forcing cone • Four Invector-Plus™ choke tubes (XF Turkey Tube included) • HiViz® magnetic combo sight • Inflex Technology recoil pad • Ivory front bead sight • One 1/4" stock spacer


Sure, any Maxus Autoloader is fine for just about any shotgunning purpose, but the Maxus All-Purpose gun is ready for deer, turkey, waterfowl and upland shooting. That just about covers it.


*NOTE: Weights listed are approximate.
Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

Additional Product Information

Real-world reliability is the most important feature any manufacturer can build into a firearm. That’s why it was the first priority when we set about developing the Browning Maxus. The Power Drive Gas System is designed to perform under harsh hunting and shooting conditions with a wide array of loads. But reliability isn’t the whole story. The Maxus delivers 18% less felt recoil for greater comfort, 44% less muzzle jump for more accurate follow-up shots, 19% faster bolt speed and 24% faster locktime than the nearest competitor. Unequalled reliability and features, all found in the finest, most reliable gas-operated autoloader ever to swing on a bird.



The traditional screw-on magazine cap has been replaced with the patented Speed Lock Forearm. This secure forearm attachment system makes taking down the Maxus for cleaning or storage fast and makes attaching or removing the sling a snap. Read more...
Felt recoil is more than just an instantaneous peak force; it is the total energy absorbing experience when you fire a shell. While no recoil reduction system can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus will change your mind about recoil control. The Power Drive Gas System, Inflex Technology recoil pad, back-boring and natural Browning balance combine to transfer up to 18% less total felt recoil force to your shoulder than other autoloaders on the market.
Less felt recoil means less muzzle jump and that instantly translates into more birds in your bag. The Power Drive Gas System works perfectly with the Inflex Technology recoil pad to reduce muzzle jump as much as 44% compared to the competition.
A great feeling trigger isn’t just for the rifle crowd. The Lightning Trigger is the finest fire control system ever offered in an autoloading shotgun. It is designed to offer a smooth, crisp feel with minimal travel. With locktimes averaging .0052 seconds, the Lightning Trigger is 24% faster than the nearest competing autoloader, making every pull perfect. It’s also easy to remove for cleaning.  Read more...
The Power Drive Gas System is the finest gas system on any autoloading shotgun ever. Extensive research and testing have produced a piston design that is extremely reliable in all conditions, regardless of the heavy or light loads being used. The gas piston features larger exhaust ports that dump gases faster with heavy loads to control recoil and 20% longer stroke travel to increase reliability with light loads. A patented, enclosed seal design keeps residue out of the action for cleaner operation. Maxus with Power Drive equals outstanding performance.  Read more...

ADDITIONAL FEATURES -- The Maxus represents the fusion of cutting edge technology and a heritage of unique innovation from John Browning. Click on the logos below to learn more about these features.
The softest recoil pad you'll ever use.
Lengthened forcing cones for superior patterns and reduced shot deformation.
Quickly and easily change your magazine capacity with a simple turn of a car key.
Durable construction and superior engineering make a barrel that will endure season after season of steel shot.
Load shells into an empty gun, or quickly unlaod a full magazine - all without manipulating the bolt
Covers every aspect of our superior barrels, machined from solid steel bars and pressure releived to promote accuracy and durability.
Increases shot velocity, reduces recoil, an promotes uniform shot patterns.

Proven durable choke tubes that

Maxus shotgun design details.

Get all the advantages in this comprehensive 10 minute Video.


Browning Planet Maxus Interactive Experience.

In just a few minutes you can learn exactly why the Maxus is considered one of the premier autoloading shotgun designs ever. When you push past all the hype in the market today, you'll see how the Maxus offers the performance, reliability and recoil reduction advantages that you need.  The Maxus is the culmination of years of inventive autoloading shotgun design and experience. For the full Planet Maxus interactive experience click on the image to the right. (Requires Flash compatible browser.)

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