Media/Advertising Support

Dealers and the outdoor media.  
These resources are provided for Browning dealers and the outdoor media to help in their efforts assist  Browning customers as they research and select Browning firearms and outdoor products.

To get started, below are a few hints and pointers provided by the Browning marketing team especially for Browning Authorized Dealers and the marketing/advertising service providers who assist them. 

Strategy -- By carrying Browning products in your retail store, you offer one of the strongest brands in the hunting, shooting and outdoor industry. By attaching your name to that brand in consumer advertising, you create a synergy that will drive traffic through your door and increase your overall sales. This collection of advertising materials is a tremendous resource in achieving that synergy.

Radio and TV -- This resource contains several radio scripts that your local radio station can produce for you as well as a listing of television commercials available for your use. Each commercial is designed for a 30-second slot -- the last 5 to 6 seconds is left blank for your local television station to create a tag for your store. These are the same commercials that Browning runs on major national broadcasts on Fox Sports Network, ESPN, TNN and more. However, there is an abundance of outdoor programming that is done on the local and regional level. These commercials are an excellent tool to promote your store on such programming. 

Advertising Hints -- Get Attention: An ad that isn't noticed doesn't sell. Request prominent placement on the newspaper page (such as on the right side and high). Ask that your ad appear in a section of the newspaper that is usually read by your potential customers. Prime areas would be the Sports Page or Outdoors Column.

Be Specific: Include prices and other details. Consumers make expensive purchase decisions based on solid information. Anticipate questions they may ask and answer them within the ad -- don't leave them guessing. Information like purchase terms, layaway plans, and financing options will convince your customers that they can buy what you have to sell.

Learn From Success: Experiment with different sizes and types of ads along with where you place them. Pay attention to customer response and take advantage of the strategies that work best. An ad that's repeated over and over may eventually lose effectiveness. But don't abandon a sure winner for a long shot. Determine why a certain ad is successful and apply those elements to future ads.

FOR CO-OP ADVERTISING NEEDS ONLY -- To contact us, please call, write or e-mail us at:

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(Website viewers: Please do not use the contact information above for questions about product and service issues. The contact information is for dealers and their agents only.)