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Over half a century of knife making expertise. Browning knife models are so diverse, there is one for every indoor or outdoor task you have at hand. Browning knives have taken care of skinning and dressing game and thousands of other jobs for nearly 40 years. Today's Browning knife line is certainly the best ever. With the friendship and partnership between Browning and famed custom knife maker/designer Russ Kommer, Browning knives have reached a new level in quality and functionality. We always said that Browning had every kind of knife you could want. But now it is really true.

The Russ Kommer connection.

For nearly 30 years Russ Kommer has earned his living as a highly respected big game hunting guide in Idaho and in Alaska. The work of a guide doesn't end with leading clients to trophy game animals, it starts there. Once an animal is on the ground the real work begins. Over the years Russ used many knives to dress and skin countless animals, yet found each knife lacking in performance in one way or the other. He drew upon his wealth of hands-on experience and started designing and producing his own knives.

It turned out that Russ had an extreme knack for this art and has become a renowned, award-winning knifemaker. What started as a hobby and the search for a better blade has lead to numerous best-in-show awards. Russ creates and personally field tests his designs to ensure that they meet the toughest standards -- his own. Browning is honored to team with Russ to produce many of the Browning Knives in our line today. 

In the videos below, take a personal tour with Russ as he explains how he creates and designs several of the best knives in the Browning line-up. Learn some of the tricks of the trade. And discover which knife would be best for your situation. 


When you put a Browning knife in your pocket or hang one on your belt, you’re packing a few ounces of sharp confidence that you know is going to perform, hands down, over the competition. A Browning knife also makes a much-appreciated gift because it bears the most respected name in outdoor products and can be trusted to take care of a myriad of camp chores and duties around the home. And with the Browning name on it, it will be less likely to get lost.

As detailed above, today nearly every Browning knife is designed by the legendary custom knifemaker, Russ Kommer. Where ever Russ goes people gather to learn more about his designs and to hear his amazing hunting stories. I don’t know if Russ Kommer would call himself a “celebrity.” We doubt it. He would probably be more comfortable with “friend” or “good guy”. We at Browning think of him more as “genius” or “master craftsman.” Since teaming up with Browning he has raised the level of function, design and overall class of the entire line of Browning knives to levels never before thought possible. And the specific knives he has designed and built are among the finest ever made — in the world.

To learn more about how Browning and Russ work together to create the world's best line-up of custom and production hunting and camping knives you can view one of these other videos featuring Russ -- on the Browning YouTube Channel.

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Hard Core Hunter Knives  
Extreme Mountain Hunter Knives  
Escalade Series Knives



How important is the type of steel in my knife?

Blade steel is an important component of the quality and the functionality of any knife or bladed too. Many factors such as edge retention, hardness, ease of sharpening and more -- combined with the end use of the knife -- made a huge difference in whether the knife is correct for the task you wish to perform. In this downloadable PDF chart each advantage of all of the different steels used in Browning knives is explained.  Click here or the image below to become an expert on blade steel types and advantages (Adobe Reader required).



This brief biography (below) on Russ Kommer gives you an idea where he gains his inspiration.

“Russ was born and raised in the north woods of Minnesota, hunting, fishing, trapping and logging. After graduation Russ started his career as a big game guide in Idaho, hunting elk, deer, bear, moose and mountain goats in the Selway-Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho. From there his passion for hunting took him to the wilderness of Alaska in 1984. There he started hunting the remote wilderness areas of Alaska for the mighty brown bear, Alaskan moose, barren ground caribou, Dall sheep, Black bear, Sitka black tail deer, Mountain goat, all of the Alaskan big game. This is where Russ found his passion for knives. Having to dress big game as a hunting guide, Russ decided that a knife should not only be razor sharp but also comfortable and functional. Russ’ goal since then has been to design and make the most comfortable, functional, hunting knives possible. Russ started making knives in 1997 with these goals in mind. With all of his outdoor experiences from guiding to taxidermy, expectedly his designs reflect his experiences. Russ would like to thank all of the people who have helped him along the way from other custom knife makers to his daughter and her encouragement.”

Used courtesy of russkommerknives.com

Browning Black Label Tactical Blades. This special series of knives brings together our own renowned custom knife maker Russ Kommer together with edged-weapon instructor Jared Wihongi to create the most advanced, highly functional, best-designed and highest quality tactical knives ever from Browning. Blades with precision and quality that moves them to the top of the tactical knife world. Jared introduces the lineup in this video. Watch the video then read more about Browning Black Label Tactical Knives right here on browning.com.


Check out this video on the Browning Outdoorsman Shears introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show. This video was provided by the inventor himself and shows actual footage of a deer being shot and field dressed using the shears. Specifications are on another page here on browning.com.


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We work hard to answer every question about Browning knives right here on our website. However, If you have a specific question about them that is not covered here, please feel free to e-mail us by clicking on the button at the right. Please allow sufficient time for your question to be researched and answered.

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