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There are many differences between a Browning ProSteel gun safe and the competition. And since buying a gun safe is a major investment, and since choosing the wrong gun safe can have dire consequences, we urge you to take the time to explore Browning's gun safe line-up and select the perfect safe for your needs. Browning ProSteel has over three decades of experience in creating the industry's leading gun safes and safe-related products. When you look closely you'll see that when all is said and done, you can trust a Browning ProSteel safe.

Browning ProSteel has several different line-ups of feature-rich products to help you choose exactly the safe you want. Most Browning dealers offer our standard line-up: from premium to value safes.

Today, if you need an extra level of service, advanced features and special involvement from you dealer you can choose from our Pro Series safes selection. Click to learn what the Pro Series offers.



Video Highlights of the 2014 Safe Line.

Watch the 2014 Gun Safes highlights video here.

Watch the new Pistol Vaults video highlights here.  


Every Browning ProSteel safe is rated by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) to stand up to rigorous attacks on the body, door, handle and lock. These test attacks are performed by experienced
professionals familiar with the design and construction of the safe. To combat such attacks, Browning ProSteel safes incorporate a number of security features at various levels. From robust locking
mechanisms with multiple layers of lock protection, to thick steel bodies, to Pry-Stop Locking Bolts, the security of a Browning ProSteel safe is The Best There Is.

Fire protection.

Don’t get burned by a lack of fire protection. Many safe manufacturers offer some type of fire rating; however, there are no industry standards to ensure that all ratings are measured the same. The best way to compare fire protection is to look at the overall thickness of insulation — more insulation means more protection. Additional design features, like external hinges, a full inner-door plate and the use of a Palusol® fire seal ensure that Browning ProSteel safes provide the best fire protection available.

Browning ProSteel Safe Testimonial.

On April 11, 2013, John B. was mowing his lawn when he suddenly found himself flying through the air and over a fence. “I sat up and straightened my glasses just in time to see my house become a huge ball of fire.” Recalls John. “The explosion blew the walls right out of the house.” Heard over a mile away, the explosion is believed to have been caused by a natural gas leak. The explosion and fire all but leveled the house, taking with it decades of memories. Even though they lost almost everything, John and his family consider themselves lucky. “In another hour, that house would have been full of people coming home from work and school.” John says. “It could have been much worse. We feel very blessed.” In the end, all that was left standing were a pair of water heaters and a section of brick wall that was partially shielded from the blast by John's Browning ProSteel safe. John called Browning, who sent a locksmith to open the safe. Both John and the locksmith were stunned when the safe opened to reveal that the contents were largely unharmed. John says, “Standing in the devastation, we were amazed that everything in the safe was okay.” -- John B. McCullough, AL


Automotive grade paint with attractive and inspiring wildlife scenes. State of the art manufacturing
techniques and quality materials. Furniture grade finishes. The result is appearance of the highest
order and a safe that you will be proud to showcase in your home.


Browning provides a Gun Safe Warranty that is equal to the best in the industry. The warranty covers:
  • FIRE
If a Browning safe is involved in one of the above situations and your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the damage to the safe, Browning will repair or replace the safe. (Safe contents are not covered.) Shipping costs for a new safe, if necessary, are included. Some restrictions apply. See Safe Owner’s Manual or browning.com for complete warranty information.

Axis Adjustable Shelving.

More versatile. More storage. More guns. A glance inside the average gun safe reveals loads of wasted space. The shelves in most safes cannot be precisely adjusted, nor can extra shelves be added or removed. Browning’s Axis Adjustable Shelving can be configured to meet your exact needs and allows you to utilize every inch of interior space.  View the Axis Shelf Video. 

  • Browning ProSteel safes lead the industry when it comes to safe interior storage.
  • The exclusive Axis Adjustable Shelving (U.S. patent #D662341) is a completely customizable system with an array of shelves that can be configured to meet virtually every need.
  • Unlike shelves in the competitions’ safes that are either fixed in position or only offer vertical adjustment, Axis shelves can be adjusted up and down, side to side, added and removed to accommodate items over a broad range of sizes.
  • Axis maximizes interior storage of long guns, handguns and other valuables.
  • Several different, specific shelves and accessories are available as options to further customize the interior to meet your specific needs.
  • The Axis shelf is made from a single piece of sturdy steel.
  • Shelves are clad in a soft, protective polymer coating that is highly durable and designed to protect guns and valuables. It also adds a sleek appearance to the safe interior.
  • Axis accessories are designed to easily mount to the solid steel shelf or barrel rack. (Compatible with safes that feature Axis Adjustable Shelving built in 2013 or later.)

DPX Storage System.

Convenience is key. Maximum gun capacity is important, but so is ease of access to more of your guns. Most safes put 4-8 easy-to-reach long guns on the outer row, next to the door. But a Browning ProSteel
safe with a DPX door mounted gun rack adds as many as 13 more guns quickly accessible on the door, and adds up to 42% more long gun capacity to the safe. More guns and better access is a tough combination to beat. View the DPX Comparison Video.

None can match the convenience, versatility or style of our patented DPX Storage System (U.S. patent #7,409,790) — except us. This revolutionary system gets even better with the New DPX Scope Saver™ (patent pending) found exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes. This new addition places the optics mounted on your long guns inside the space in the door. The Scope Saver protects scoped firearms from adjacent firearms and other contents in the safe, ensuring that time spent sighting-in isn’t wasted. In addition, the space that would be taken up by a scope in a traditional safe is now freed up for another firearm. While other safes will store your guns, no other safe will protect them and keep them ready for you to use like a Browning ProSteel Safe. DPX includes:

  • Long gun storage on the door back
  • A system of pouches and pockets to store small valuables on the door back
  • Two handgun loops to store handguns on the door back
  • The convertible Duo Interior system inside the safe with both shelves and long gun capacity.

What's Different about Pro Series Dealers and the Pro Series Safe Line.

So what is a Pro Series safe? Pro Series safes are sold only by dealers who are specially selected to provide the greatest level of service -- to make sure you get the safe you want shipped safely to you. Pro Series safes are a separate line of premium safes that you won't find at most other Browning dealers. Why? Because Pro Series dealers are safe specialists who carry the best lines and are experts at providing special service to their customers. Service that goes above and beyond. If you need one (or more) of the world's best safes and require a full service dealer to provide them to you,  then take a close look at the Browning ProSteel Pro Series and a Pro Series dealer.  Click here for what sets the Pro Series line of safes apart from all others.


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