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Kristy Lee Cook Releases a New Hit Single.

Release Date: 11/7/2012

Browning Pro Staff member Kristy Lee Cook can usually be caught dividing her time between hunting and music -- but this week she's all music. She just recently released a new single that is gaining real momentum in the country music circles. Kristy is a true Browning fan and friend of all of us here. She has made appearances on Browning TV shows and Browning sponsored her own TV show "Goin' Country with Kristy Lee Cook." She's clearly on the Browning team.

Her new song is called  "Airborne Ranger Infantry." Kristy's father served in Vietnam toward the end during the extraction period. Kristy explains that he wrote those experience down over time, mostly in poems. With his help and with the help of seasoned song writers Luke Sheets and Michael Logen, this new song came together.

Clearly it is an emotional song, close to Kristy's heart and reflects some very personal experiences of her father and those of his friends in Vietnam.
In a recent interview with the online magazine The Boot, Kristy explained, "We took lines directly from the poems and put them into the song . . . I wouldn't have written the song if my dad hadn't written those poems, because he doesn't really talk about much. The cool thing is that it gives perspective to someone who doesn't know what it's like to know how they feel and what they're experiencing. It was really important for us to make sure it was right, and exactly what they would say."

The release of the song was just a few weeks ago and reviewers believe this could be the big breakthrough Kristy has been working for in the country music scene.


The music video for "Airborne Ranger Infantry" is being released this week in time for Veteran's day. Check out her page on Facebook for download information. (Click the Facebook logo or the picture of her page below.) Check her page for specific debut information and more.

Good luck Kristy. We are all behind you 100%.

You can also get up to speed on everything Kristy on her own Website at www.kristyleecook.com including links for subscribing to her social media feeds.


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