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Browning Supports the NSSF on Preventing Fires Initiative

Release Date: 7/26/2012

Shooters & Hunters:
Help Prevent Wildfires.

A message from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The target shooting and hunting community prides itself on being safe and responsible with firearms in all situations— from using them outdoors to storing them safely at home. Sometimes, however, unusual conditions such as extremely dry environments require an extra level of awareness and safety on the part of shooters. Wildfires have many possible causes. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry, reminds all shooters that during dry and hot weather conditions their use of certain ammunition and targets could accidentally ignite a wildfire. NSSF reminds all target shooters and hunters, as well as other outdoor enthusiasts, to consider the potential consequences of their activities in fire prone environments.

Click here to listen to the NSSF public service announcement on wildfire prevention.  

  • Make it a point to know the regulations and rules related to shooting in areas experiencing dry and hot conditions, whether on public or private land or at shooting ranges. Many national forests, for example, do not allow recreational shooting when fire restrictions are in effect.
  • Consider the type of ammunition and targets you are using. Minimize the risk of fires by not using steel-jacketed ammunition, ammunition with steel-core components, tracer rounds or exploding targets in fire-prone areas.
  • Remember that equipment, such as cars and ATVs, can have extremely hot exhaust systems that could ignite dry vegetation, so park only in designated areas.
  • Extinguish and dispose of smoking materials safely.
  • Follow guidelines to extinguish campfires.
  • Warn others of potential dangers and behaviors for starting wildfires.
  • Report any wildfire you see to authorities.
  • Spread this message to other target shooters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.


 Fire outlook: http://www.predictiveservices.nifc.gov/outlooks/monthly_seasonal_outlook.pdf

Maps courtesy the National Intgeragency Coordination Center.

Main Page: http://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/nfn.htm

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